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WCS Gosu Trophy Portraits Now Available!

WCS Gosu Trophy Portraits Now Available!

You want to share your eSports passion everywhere you go, but until now you couldn’t show it off in-game. The Gosu Trophy portrait is live, and all yearly Twitch subscribers to WCS or GSL will have a portrait code zooming into their Twitch Messages Inbox. New subscribers will receive the code right away when they subscribe to the WCS channel for $4.99.

Hop on ladder and terrify your foes with the thought that you’re trying out a crazy Hellbat build from Polt, or learning how to stop Photon Cannon rushes like Life. Or... just show them you love eSports!

Year-long support has also granted the WCS's most dedicated with a complimentary subscription for the WCS Global Finals at BlizzCon, November 7-8 on our WCS channel. Subscribers will receive the benefit of a subscriber badge, unique emoticons, and of course, three race-themed Gosu Trophy portraits.

If you are subscribed, but did not receive your code from Twitch, please contact Twitch Support.

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