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KSL Season 2 announcement

KSL Season 2 announcement

The KSL Season 2 sponsored by K-STAR GROUP (hereinafter “KSL”) will start from Sep 17, accepting submissions for the league participation. The KSL Season 2 starts right after the finale of Season 1 Final that will take place on Sep 8 so we can maintain the heat of the passion from Season 1. It will also be held in the form of an open tournament, which means anyone can participate as a player! One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be able to follow the league schedule of Offline Qualifier that will take place in Seoul starting from Sep 30.

Since the top four players in Season 1 will get seeds for the Round of 16 in Season 2, Yoon Jong Jung, Jae Dong Lee, Min Chul Kim, and Sung Hyun Kim will automatically advance to the Round of 16 without going through the hassle of Season 2 Qualifier.

The remaining 12 players will be the ones who make it through Offline Qualifier, and together with the above four players, the total of 16 players will fiercely compete in the Round of 16 to sit on the throne of Season 2 Champion.

The Final for Season 2 will be held in mid-December.  The matches for the Round of 16 through Quarter Final for Season 2 will take place in Jade Hall (12th floor, Hyundai Department Store - Sinchon Branch) just as it did in Season 1, and you can also watch it at the scene just like before.

The KSL will be broadcast live through the official Starcraft Twitch channel of Blizzard Entertainment in Korean ( and English (

The milestones for the KSL Season 2 are as follows:

  • Application Submission for Competition:  Sep 17 - Sep 23
  • Online Qualifier: Sep 27 and 28
  • Offline Qualifier: Sep 30
  • Group Stage for Round of 16: Oct 18 – Nov 23
  • Quarter Final: Nov 29 and 30
  • Semi Final: Dec 6 and 7
  • Final: Mid-December (TBA)

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