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Get your Tickets for KSL!

Get your Tickets for KSL!


For those of you who wish to see the action in real time, at the KSL studio where the event is held, here is how to book tickets online and what to watch out for when you purchase tickets.

Please note that KSL tickets can only be purchased online through Ticket Link and no tickets will be available for purchase in person.

You can purchase a ticket by selecting the e-Sports section on the Ticket Link website and clicking the KSL tab in the menu below. KSL tour ticket price is set at 5,000 won, and separate discounts cannot be applied.

Purchase a KSL Ticket from Ticket Link and bring your ID card and Ticket Confirmation Form to KSL Studio to exchange for a physical ticket. Only those who have exchanged for this physical ticket can enter, so please make a purchase online and make sure to exchange it with a physical ticket before the game.

On site, the issuance of physical tickets starts at the entrance of the stadium 90 minutes before the game starts. For your convenience, we will be able to help you pick up your physical ticket up to 1 hour after the start of the match.

[Things to be mindful of when purchasing tickets]

  1. KSL is only available for those aged 15 and over. If you are below the minimum age of attendance, you will not be able to enter even if you have purchased a ticket. 
  2. Tickets can be purchased for up to two tickets per person.
  3. Tickets can be canceled up to one hour before the start of the game, and refunds will not be available after the ticket cancellation deadline.
  4. Tickets that have been received by the intended recipient will not be reissued. Any person not in possession of a ticket will not be allowed access.

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