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SC20 Panel Broadcast at PAX East

SC20 Panel Broadcast at PAX East

Throughout it's 20 years, StarCraft has touched countless lives across the world. This Thursday, we invite you to hear the stories of several of StarCraft's most prominent community figures at our SC20 Anniversary celebration panel at PAX East!

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The celebration panel will be hosted at the Albatross Theater at PAX East, where panelists will be invited to share their stories of StarCraft, as well as answer questions from those watching the panel. In addition, our guests will speak about how they impacted StarCraft and helped shape it into the a game that transcended it's players and influenced the esports & gaming communities at large.

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The panel will feature community figures bringing a wide range of perspectives to bear. Familiar esports personalities Sue 'Smix' Lee and Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson will be accompanied by Brood:War community veteran Susie 'LilSusie' Kim, StarCrafts cartoon creator Jonathon 'CarBot' Burton, and NBA-star and avid gamer Gordon Hayward. The conversation should span decades of stories, and dozens of topics & perspectives, so we hope you'll join us to hear this very unique discussion on StarCraft!


The panel begins in the Albatross Theater on Thursday, April 5 at 5:00 p.m. EDT on and will run for approximately one hour. The first half of the panel will feature questions for the participants and discussions about their experiences and thoughts on StarCraft's legacy. During the second half, we will take some time to field questions submitted by those watching on the StarCraft Twitch channel. To submit a question, please send a tweet to @StarCraft on Twitter using the hashtag #SC20PAX.

It's been a remarkable twenty years, and a wonderful celebration throughout the month of March. We look forward to seeing you in this final event to celebrate StarCraft, and all that it's done for players, communities, and the industry at large.

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