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Patch 1.21.0 – The Return of EUD Maps

Patch 1.21.0 – The Return of EUD Maps

What is EUD?

EUD stands for “Extended Unit Death.” It’s a type of trigger that’s used in the StarCraft Map Editor. Early on, clever modders used the EUD trigger in unexpected ways, enabling them to employ whole new gameplay mechanics that were not possible in StarCraft otherwise. This allowed modders to create all sorts of unexpected experiences—from “Bullet Hell” shooters and rhythm games, to card games, video players, and much more. Unfortunately, the very thing that made the EUD trigger so useful to modders also made it easy to exploit. For the security of our players (not to mention StarCraft itself), we had to block the use of EUD maps.

Revisiting EUD

While we were developing StarCraft: Remastered, we’d consistently receive feedback about the popularity and demand for EUD maps, so we began investigating ways to bring the trigger back without exposing the game to exploits. Today, we’re excited to announce that both PC and Mac users will be able to play some of the popular 1.16.1 EUD maps, such as Random Tower Defense, thanks to an EUD emulator we are implementing with the 1.21.0 patch.

It’s important to note that, since this is an emulator, it won’t support all previous EUD functionality. For example, it doesn’t support the EUD trigger that allows a mod to manipulate StarCraft’s graphics. If you try to launch an EUD map that is not compatible, you’ll receive an error message and the map won’t launch. That said, we want to continue to grow our EUD support, so please let us know on the forums if you encounter maps that aren’t working. We’ll keep them in mind for future updates.

We’re excited to bring EUD support back into StarCraft: Remastered, and we look forward to seeing the amazing custom maps our community will make. As always, share your thoughts with us on the forums.

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