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Unit Spotlight: Protoss

Unit Spotlight: Protoss

Sophisticated psionic biology. Gilded technology that defies the laws of space and time. If the Protoss are arrogant, as their detractors claim, can you blame them? They were cruising the galaxy in golden superships when humans were still digging in the dirt for grubs. 

Below, we highlight several Protoss units, and demonstrate why these ancient interstellar warriors are respected by their allies—and feared by their enemies.

Close the Distance with Zealots

Armed with dual psi-blades and inexhaustible courage, Zealots can take down the galaxy’s most fearsome creatures . . . as long as those creatures are within arm’s reach.

Beware of units that can fire while retreating. Marines can pick your Zealots apart with their cowardly ranged weapons, though you can at least take solace in the fact that your warriors will never stop chasing them, even in the face of certain death. Make sure to upgrade Leg Enhancements at the Citadel of Adun to give your Zealots the speed they need to keep up.

Delete Your Enemy’s Economy with High Templar Drops

Use a Shuttle to drop a High Templar into position and cast Psi Storm on your enemy’s mineral lines. The shrill cries of dying Drones will almost, but not quite, mask the sound of your opponent’s anguish.

Stage a Defense with Reavers

Reavers are slow-moving siege units that easily shred waves of clumped attackers with powerful explosive Scarabs. Position them at a choke point with Photon Cannons and Zealots to soak up incoming damage, and get to work massing up Carriers (or the army of your choice) behind your now-impregnable defenses.

Shape the Battle with Powerful Individual Units

When commanded with precision and creativity, even a small number of Protoss units can turn the tides of battle. A single Zealot can wreak havoc on an unprepared opponent’s mineral line. A few well-placed Psi Storms can annihilate an entire Terran force. Reavers are slow-moving on their own, but when combined with a Shuttle, they soar around the battlefield, unleashing powerful attacks and retreating before any ground-to-ground attacks can land.

Learn from the Best: Bisu vs Ssak

Watch Protoss legend Kim ‘Bisu’ Taek Yong come back from a 0-1 deficit to defeat Choi ‘sSak’ Ho Seon in the AfreecaTV StarLeague Season 3 Round of 8.

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