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Test your Teamwork in Hero Mastery Gauntlet

Test your Teamwork in Hero Mastery Gauntlet

Gather your teammates and jump into the Gauntlet today! Hero Mastery: Gauntlet is an all-new 3-player cooperative game mode with tower defense-style gameplay. Your objective is to protect your three towers from 10 rounds of enemy training bot attacks. Purchase powerful upgrades and collect Emblems along the way to boost your score.

Fight to Survive

Gather your friends to form a squad of three players and play in a unique tower-defense game mode. First, choose any hero from the entire roster, then face ten waves of training bots, ranging from the simple attack bot to the deadly sniper bot, along with explosive bots that will rush the towers.

There are four levels of difficulty to pick from, ranging from the causal co-op fan to the ultimate survival squad. You can also queue up with trained AI to learn the ropes before  competing with teammates.

Protect Your Towers

With three towers across the course, you’ll need to coordinate with your teammates to determine which ones need the most protection. Use jump pads and new fast travel platforms to get from one tower to the next quickly. The course is laid out with four different attack paths for each tower (randomized in every game), and the bots will attack towers randomly in waves. Sometimes, you’ll need to defend multiple towers at once, putting your ping and comms skills to the test.

Upgrade Your Towers

As you progress through the course, pick up any of the 14 different upgrades for your towers’ defenses. You can acquire new upgrades when you obtain energy by defeating the attack bots throughout the course. Upgrades can include the ability to repair your towers or activate turrets that can help defend your towers. What upgrades you encounter are randomized, making every game unique.

Maximize Your Score

Build your score and earn bonuses when you can keep your towers standing and/or undamaged. How many bots you can eliminate and how well you can land critical hits or support your team will determine how high you can score. Conquer the gauntlet and secure your place on the Top 500 leaderboards for your region.

New Limited-Time Event

To celebrate the launch of Hero Mastery Gauntlet, log on and play now through March 28 in a limited-time event with all new challenges and rewards to earn. Collect new Victory Poses, Battle Pass XP bonuses, a Souvenir, a Weapon Charm, and a new title for the ultimate Hero Mastery Gauntlet challengers. Come back whenever you want to hone your skills with your favorite and new heroes. Gather your squad and defend the towers today!

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