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Venture Shakes Up the Game this Weekend!

Venture Shakes Up the Game this Weekend!

Let’s get ready to go on a new adventure!  Log onto Overwatch 2 and play the newest Damage hero, Venture, now available to play in a limited-time hero trial starting today through Sunday, March 31 PDT. A member of the Wayfinder Society archaeological research group, this charismatic and enthusiastic archeologist changes the game with their ability to drill underground. Outwit your adversaries and unearth victory as you fight with your powerful Smart Excavator drill.

Here’s everything you need to know to jump into Overwatch 2 right now and play Venture this weekend before they land in Season 10.

Explore Venture’s Seismic Abilities

Venture is the newest Damage hero to join the roster, wielding their powerful drill that adds unique mechanics to your gameplay. Using Smart Excavator, you’ll fire a seismic charge that will burst and damage opponents at a short distance. You can escape danger or sneak up on opponents by drilling into the ground using Venture’s new Burrow ability. When burrowing, you can charge up using your primary fire and then burst from the ground underneath, dealing a powerful blow to foes above. Drill Dash allows you to lunge forward and knock back all who stand in Venture’s path. You can also use Drill Dash while burrowing at a reduced cooldown when you need to get to your next team fight quickly.


Venture is all about being in their opponents’ faces with their close-quarters combat, so their playstyle is supported with two unique passives. First, the Clobber passive enables Venture to deal more damage with their Quick Melee than other heroes as they bash their opponents with the massive drill. And thanks to their Explorer’s Resolve passive, they can use Drill Dash or Burrow and be granted temporary shields, allowing Venture to stay in the fight longer.

When Venture wants to shake things up, their Tectonic Shock ultimate ability will tear through the competition. When activated, Venture can fire up to four powerful shockwaves in a short time, damaging all caught in their wake. While these shockwaves won’t stun and knock down your enemies like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter, they will knock back and deal powerful damage, leaving opponents vulnerable to attack.


Play Venture All Weekend Long

Starting today, you can play Venture in a limited-time hero trial through March 31 PDT, and it will be available on all platforms. This limited time trial is part of the live game and will not require a separate installation or download. Venture will be available to pick as a Damage hero in all modes except Competitive Play. If you can’t wait to play as the intrepid explorer, No Limits will also be available in the Arcade, which is a great way for everyone to play as Venture!

Venture will be going back underground for a while after the trial ends, but they’ll be back when Season 10 launches on April 16. Don’t forget, starting next season, all heroes moving forward are unlocked for everyone upon release, which means everyone will be able to start their expedition with Venture right away.

Dig into the new abilities and gameplay that Venture brings to your game when you log on and play Overwatch 2 today!

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