Overwatch 2

Solve the Mystery of Cosmic Crisis

Solve the Mystery of Cosmic Crisis

An unknown horror lurks beneath the ruins of Ecopoint: Antarctica. It will be up to you to solve the mystery of...Cosmic Crisis! Starting today with Overwatch 2 – Season 9: Champions, this new 4-player Co-op event explores a non-canon story that will test your loyalty to your teammates. Read on to learn more about Cosmic Crisis, and the new rewards and ways to play that will keep you coming back to this limited-time event.

Escape or Embrace the Darkness

In the wake of a crash landing, join forces with three unlikely allies to repair your ship, and escape a ruined Ecopoint: Antarctica. Monstrous null sector units have overrun the station, and an ancient threat lurks in the shadows. As you fight back these eldritch horrors, you must stay strong to resist the call of the Ravager.

Cosmic Crisis has unique co-op objectives that change between playthroughs, and each game presents one player with a choice that will determine the fate of your team. Will you work together to escape the Ravager, or will you give into temptation and be consumed by darkness?

New Ways to Play Every Week

Return every week to experience new Mission Modifiers that change up gameplay and test your allegiance all over again. Starting February 20, the Death from Above modifier will up the danger and add deadly artillery strikes to the mission. On February 27, things will heat up with the Molten Core modifier, which causes Null Sector to drop pools of lava on the battlefield when they are destroyed. Finally, on March 5, get electrified with the Thunderstorm modifier, which damages players who get too close to Null Sector’s monstrous forces.

Complete Your Cosmic Collection

Earn fun cosmetics and get a jump start to your Season 9 Battle Pass with a dozen new challenges to complete! Collect new voice lines, sprays, titles, a name card, a player icon, and a tasty weapon charm, along with up to 25,000 bonus Battle Pass XP. After you survive Cosmic Crisis, be sure to upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass for more eldritch-themed rewards, including the new Mythic Skin: Ancient Caller Moira.

Embrace the darkness or brave the challenges that await you. Cosmic Crisis is available now through March 12.

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