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Introducing our most exciting season yet... Overwatch 2: Invasion

Introducing our most exciting season yet... Overwatch 2: Invasion

There’s a new threat to the world as the invasion of Null Sector begins. The world is thrust into chaos, and it’s up to a new generation of heroes to save the day. Overwatch 2: Invasion brings new Story Missions, an all-new PVP core game mode, new ways to build on your skills with your favorite heroes - and, yes, a new Support hero!

Find out how you can jump into the action with the Overwatch 2: Invasion Ultimate Bundle, earn and collect new Legendary skins, and get a head-start in the upcoming Null Sector-themed Premium Battle Pass.

The rise of Null Sector begins with new Story Missions

In Zero Hour, we saw the rogue Omnic group, Null Sector, invade Paris. It was thanks to Winston, Tracer, Mei, and a handful of other heroes that the city was saved from destruction. However, the global invasion has only just begun.

Null Sector is bringing utter destruction to every city and seems to have an ulterior motive to kidnap Omnics for an unknown purpose. It’s up to the new Overwatch team to find out what their plans are and put a stop to them, but they’ll need help from past allies and new faces alike if they hope to stand a chance.


In Overwatch 2: Invasion, you and your friends can take on three action-packed missions that take place in Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg—massive maps with complex objectives, and an in-depth storyline that will guide you along the way. You’ll fight against the intensified forces of Null Sector, who will continue to attack until you’ve completely dismantled them. Stay alert for challenging enemies that haven’t been encountered before, such as the powerful Artillery and the deadly Stalkers.

You can get started on your mission to save the world with the Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle for $15 USD. This bundle includes:

  • Access to the Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions, during the season and permanently after
  • 1,000 Overwatch Coins (equal to the Premium Battle Pass, $10 USD value)
  • A brand-new Sojourn Legendary skin ($19 USD value)
  • Permanent access to Sojourn as a playable hero for new players: unlocked upon completing Story Mission challenges.

The Overwatch 2: Invasion bundle is intended to give new and veteran players alike the opportunity to explore this brand-new story arc while giving them additional coins to unlock the Premium Battle Pass or to buy cosmetic content for their favorite Hero.  

You can also upgrade to the Overwatch 2: Ultimate Invasion Bundle for $40 USD, you will have access to all the above, as well as:

  • The Null Sector Premium Battle Pass with 20 Battle Pass skips ($30 USD value)
  • An additional 1,000 Overwatch Coins, for a total of 2,000 Overwatch Coins ($20 USD value)
  • Two additional Legendary skins for Cassidy and Kiriko ($38 USD value).


All new Co-Op Event

In addition to Story Missions, you’ll be able to take part in a new bonus co-op mission on King’s Row. Explore all-new areas of the King’s Row map as you guide a well-armed TS-1 push bot on a mission to save Iggy and the rest of the Omnic Underworld from Null Sector. You’ll face new objectives, along with new Null Sector enemies that may somehow feel familiar. 

Turning up the competition with Flashpoint

Also launching with Overwatch 2: Invasion is Flashpoint: a whole new PVP core game mode available for all players in Quick Play or Competitive Play. This mode will feature two new locales that are Overwatch 2’s biggest PVP maps to date!

Teams will fight for control of key positions across the map called “flashpoints,” aiming to capture three of them before their opponents do. You’ll have no time to relax once a point is captured, as the next one will already be waiting. Not only will this mode test your mechanical skills, but also your ability to plan ahead—stopping opponents from moving on to the next flashpoint will be a huge key to victory.


Offering new ways to master your skills

Finally, we’re introducing a new way to play and practice with your favorite heroes with Hero Mastery mode. These engaging training courses are specifically designed for each select hero, testing your skills with their abilities. Hero Mastery will also feature global leaderboards to showcase the top-performing hero masters across the world. Overwatch 2: Invasion will be launching the first courses for a selection of heroes, with more to come in future seasons.

The Practice Range also gets its first major update this season, with a brand-new firing range to hone your aim with any hero, including dozens of practice settings and multiple targets to choose from.

The new firing range will be launching on August 10, while Hero Mastery mode will launch later in the season. (Updated)

New to Overwatch 2?

If you are new to our universe and looking to jump into the PVP fray, you’ll be able to jump in with the Overwatch 2: Hero Collection, available starting on August 10 for $5 USD. This starter bundle includes access to all of our legacy heroes, three legacy Epic skins, along with 1,500 Overwatch Credits to purchase additional cosmetics in the Hero Gallery.

You can also choose to unlock all the above, plus the six heroes new to Overwatch 2—Sojourn, Junkerqueen, Kiriko, Ramattra, Lifeweaver, and the new Support hero coming August 10—with the Overwatch 2: Complete Hero Collection for $20 USD. You’ll also receive 1,000 Overwatch Coins to spend in the Shop, and three legacy Legendary skins.

New adventures await

There’s a lot coming when Overwatch 2: Invasion launches on August 10.  We’ll be showing gameplay for much of this new content later this summer, including during the Overwatch 2: Invasion Reveal livestream on June 21. Follow us at @PlayOverwatch on Twitter for more updates. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for updates on our newest hero, too, which we’ll shine more light on in the future.

Log onto Overwatch 2 starting June 13 for Season 5, featuring a new Mythic skin for Tracer available in the Premium Battle Pass, along with new game modes and seasonal events for everyone to play. We’ll be highlighting what’s to come in season five in another blog tomorrow.


Pricing and estimated values of items listed are intended for the specified local region only. Regional pricing may differ.

Update Friday, June 16, 2023 -  In order to deliver the best possible experience for the new Hero Mastery mode, we are postponing the launch of the mode to our Overwatch 2: Invasion mid-season update in September. Thank you for understanding.

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