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Tune in for the Overwatch 2 Flash Ops: Lifeweaver Invitational

Tune in for the Overwatch 2 Flash Ops: Lifeweaver Invitational

Introducing the newest Overwatch 2 hero – Lifeweaver!  To celebrate, we're kicking off Season 4 with a special Flash Ops presentation of our Lifeweaver Invitational. Overwatch League pros will come together with top content creators to compete in a one-of-a-kind tournament featuring Overwatch 2’s newest support hero. This exciting event will give everyone a chance to see Lifeweaver in the hands of some of the best players in the world, and fans watching will have the chance to win fantastic in-game prizes throughout the broadcast.

Tournament Details

Teams will be composed of a mix of West Region Overwatch League players along with your favorite content creators in a four-team, double-elimination event, with a $10,000 USD prize pool up for grabs. The tournament taking place on Sunday, April 16, with featured matches live on twitch.tv/PlayOverwatch. In every match, each team must be playing with Lifeweaver. Matches will be first-to-three on a predetermined map schedule, and every team will feature Lifeweaver in action!

Featured Players

Jay3 – Content Creator

ML7 – Content Creator

Aspen – Content Creator

Jake – Content Creator

Eskay – Content Creator

Warn – Content Creator

Select Overwatch League Pros from Western Region Teams


Opening Rounds 12:00 PM

Lower Bracket Elimination & Winner Bracket Final 1:30 PM

Lower Bracket Final 3:00 PM

Grand Final 4:30 PM

All Estimated Start Times are in Pacific Daylight Time. Select games will be broadcast on twitch.tv/PlayOverwatch and you can catch the matches of your favorite creators on their respective Twitch channels.

You can also join in on the fun by costreaming the event.

Watch and Win!

Throughout the official broadcast at twitch.tv/PlayOverwatch, fans who tune in will have a chance to win a variety of in-game prizes, including Ultimate Battle Pass Bundles and Lifeweaver Cosmetics!

Tune in April 16 on twitch.tv/PlayOverwatch to find out who blooms into the ultimate Lifeweaver team in Overwatch 2!

Celebrate Around the World!

Creators and Overwatch League Pros from the Eastern Region will compete in similar exciting matches featuring Lifeweaver starting 5PM KST on April 16.

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