Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Brawl Schedule

Overwatch Anniversary 2019 Brawl Schedule

You’ve pushed millions of payloads, pulled off countless incredible POTGs, and delivered an extraordinary amount of “Boops”—here’s to three years of playing Overwatch together!

As part of Overwatch’s Anniversary Celebration, we’re unlocking the brawl vault, giving you the chance to dive back into your favorite modes from our previous seasonal events. From now until June 11, you can fight yetis, score goals, and neutralize omnic threats... but you’ll need to plan your schedule accordingly.

Week One:

Date (UTC) Brawl
Tuesday, May 21 Lucioball
Wednesday, May 22 Junkenstein's Revenge
Thursday, May 23 Snowball Offensive
Friday, May 24 Yeti Hunt
Saturday, May 25 Uprising
Sunday, May 26 Retribution
Monday, May 27 Storm Rising

Week Two:

Date (UTC) Brawl
Tuesday, May 28 Lucioball
Wednesday, May 29             Junkenstein's Revenge Endless
Thursday, May 30 Snowball Offensive
Friday, May 31 Yeti Hunt
Saturday, June 1 Uprising (All Heroes)
Sunday, June 2 Retribution (All Heroes)
Monday, June 3 Storm Rising (All Heroes)

Week Three:

Date (UTC) Brawl
Tuesday, June 4 Lucioball
Wednesday, June 5 Junkenstein's Revenge
Thursday, June 6 Snowball Offensive
Friday, June 7 Yeti Hunt
Saturday, June 8 Uprising
Sunday, June 9 Retribution
Monday, June 10 Storm Rising
Tuesday, June 11 Lucioball

**This schedule may be adjusted throughout the event**

Join the Overwatch Anniversary 2019 party until June 11 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Thank you for celebrating with us!

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