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Overwatch Archives Challenge

Overwatch Archives Challenge

Now that the Overwatch Archives have been unlocked, we’re hosting our first Overwatch Archives Challenge. These weekly mission challenges will feature your favorite streamers and community personalities striving to prove who’s the best Blackwatch strike team in the world.

Cheer on your favorite streamers with their hand-picked squads as they compete against their rivals for the prize—four Retribution-themed bundles featuring a top-of-the-line MSI Gaming 27” curved gaming monitor, MSI gaming peripherals, a Genji statue, and other gear... all of which they will give away to their viewers.

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Throughout this event, 19 teams from around the world battled Talon and omnic forces for every point possible in three different high-stakes challenges. We’ve now tallied the totals and the results are in. Congratulations to Fayors, Teko, Theo, and Kondyss for completing all the trials and trivializing all laughing in the face of the harshest tribulations with a total score of 89,752 points! To the victors go the spoils: a top-of-the-line MSI Gaming 27” curved gaming monitor, various MSI gaming peripherals, a Genji statue, and other Retribution-themed gear. The winning doesn’t stop here, though—it’s your turn to win big by watching our winners’ streams, where they’ll pass these prizes onto their viewers. Follow them on social media to find out when and where you’ll need to be for a chance to win.


Week 1 (April 11 – 15): Retribution Story Mode Challenge

For this challenge, teams will play Retribution as the original members of Blackwatch—Genji, McCree, Moira and Reyes—to escape a Talon facility with their lives and the highest score.

Week 2 (April 18 – 22): Uprising Story Mode Challenge

In this series, combatants will play as either Reinhardt, Mercy, Tracer, or Torbjörn on the highest difficulties to defeat the omnic resistance—and other teams—for the most points possible.

Week 3 (April 25 – 29): Retribution All Heroes Mode Challenge

Teams will return for more Retribution, but this time they’ll play with any hero combination they wish. The teams will need to push their limits to come out on top in this no-holds-barred format.


We’re partnering with content creators from around the world to bring you three weeks of action-packed Overwatch Archives content. See which of your favorite community personalities are competing with the full roster of participants listed below.


After completing all three weekly challenges, we’ll tally the points and the team that scores the highest will be crowned the champions! Each member of the winning team will receive a Retribution prize pack to share with their stream viewers. Return to this page for more details as we reveal which challenge the teams will face next.

Play along with the streamers and post your own scores on social media with the hashtag #OverwatchArchives. 

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