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The Toys are Back in Town: Heroes of the Storm 2019 Winter Event Details

The Toys are Back in Town: Heroes of the Storm 2019 Winter Event Details

It’s not always sunshine, stuffing, and rainbows between the Funtime Pals. It seems Tickle Mephisto has a posable plastic bone to pick with Cuddle Bear Stitches ever since the adorable abomination played a bit too rough during last year’s celebration. Now, the precocious host of last year’s event has settled into slumber and Mephisto has invited you over for another round of games… though he may have a more sinister goal in mind.

Event Dates and Details:

Dust off your dice and round up your friends--the Toys event kicks off at 10:00 am PT on December 16 and will run until the week of March 3, PT.

You’ll embark on the following set of unique quests with the onset of the Toys event, granting awesome 2019 event rewards as you wind your way around the game board for the first time:

  • Have Spacesuit—Will Hunt--Achieve 50 Takedowns in winning games.
    • Rewards: Cute Qhira Spray, Cute Cosmonaut Qhira Portrait
  • Green Tactical Superiority—Kill 200 enemy minions in winning games
    • Rewards: Cute Green Army Raynor Spray, Green Army Team Portrait
  • Thinly Sliced, Please!—Deal 150,000 Hero damage in winning games
    • Rewards: Rampaging Lil’ Butcher Sticker Spray, Cute Lil’ Butcher Portrait
  • More Friends to Have Fun With—Capture 8 Mercenary camps in winning games
    • Rewards: Toy Train Animated Spray, Lil’ Toy Train Portrait
  • Claws Full of Plush—Win 3 games as an Assassin Hero
    • Rewards: Cute Mephisto Spray, Cute Tickle Mephisto Portrait

Tickle Mephisto also has an emoji pack and his favorite green plastic palamino for you to add to your collection after your first time crossing the finish line. Check it out:

Heroes_ToysBlog_Mounts_ToyHorse.jpgThis noble steed will be by your side in battle no matter what… unless the base snaps off or it melts in the sun, or something

As with last year’s Toys event, the fun never stops on the Nexus game board. Once you’ve completed the first set of unique quests, you can continue to loop your way around the board, picking up quests and earning additional Loot Chests to your heart’s content.

Peek Inside the Toy Chest:

During this event, all Loot Chests you earn or purchase (except for Hero-specific chests) will be event themed and may contain some Toys-themed loot! Look at what you could unlock in your chests or pick up in the shop:

New Skins:

  • Mephisto:
    • Tickle Mephisto: Hey everybody, it's your favorite buddy Tickle Mephisto! This funtime friend comes with a voice box that plays 5 pre-recorded messages from the hit cartoon! Awesome! WARNING: May develop an insatiable thirst for revenge if exposed to electricity.
    • Grumpy Tickle Mephisto
    • Crazed Tickle Mephisto
    • Shocking Tickle Mephisto
    • Cuddly Tickle Mephisto
    • Unlucky Tickle Mephisto
  • Qhira:
    • Cosmonaut Qhira: While The Cosmonauts franchise is often criticized for not even having a popular TV show based around it, these complaints generally fall on deaf ears to the fans who are too busy actually playing with the toys to care.
    • Commander Cosmonaut Qhira
    • Blazing Cosmonaut Qhira
    • Explorer Cosmonaut Qhira
    • Eternal Cosmonaut Qhira
    • Super Cosmonaut Qhira
  • Deckard Cain:
    • Green Army Deckard Pain
  • Varian:
    • Green Army Commandant Varian
  • Raynor:
    • Green Army Raynor
  • Stitches:
    • Bitter Bear Stitches: There's a monster on the loose, kids... a CUDDLE MONSTER! This fuzzy friend is desperate to prove he's the sweetest snuggle pumpkin in the Funland Pals. Shucks, he'd do just about anything to be the #1 in your heart...
    • Shabby Bear Stitches
    • Fuzzy Bear Stitches
  • Valeera:
    • Galactic Force Valeera: Featuring the actual voice from the hit show, this advanced action figure has brand new space-age joints that allow for fully articulated kung-fu action. Plus, all Valeera's signature jagged metal weapons are included in the box!
    • Proto Force Valeera
  • Dehaka:
    • Ferocious Dehakasaurus Rex: From this summer's blockbuster, Dehakasaurus Rex is on the hunt! With spring-loaded chomping action and patented dino-grasper technology, this beast will tear through playtime like razor-sharp teeth through its prey.
    • X-Treme Dehakasaurus Rex

New Mounts:

  • Toy Train: Choo-choo! This toy train, featured in a popular board game, always has a can-do attitude! Except when it doesn’t. Click on your teammate’s train mount in a game for a fun surprise!
    • Speedy Toy Train
    • Blazing Toy Train
    • Cosmic Toy Train
    • Royal Toy Train
    • Grimrail Toy Train
  • Galactic Lion: Every member of the Cosmic Force forms a permanent and powerful bond with their Force-Beast and never, ever, strays from their battle partner's side. (All figures sold separately. CHOKING HAZARD: contains small parts.)
    • Proto Lion
  • Plush Unicorn: Hooves the Unicorn is the most steadfast friend in the Funtime Pals! Nothing makes her happier than helping out her buddies: Mephisto, Lil' Butcher, Porkchop, Snugglor, Wackie the Wumple, and even sometimes Stitches!
    • Gloomy Plush Unicorn
    • Shabby Plush Unicorn
  • Snowflake: All snowflakes are unique, but not all of them are special. If they were, then none of them would be.
    • Mellow Snowflake
    • Periwinkle Snowflake

And More!

  • This event is also adding a ton of new skins, sprays, emojis, and portraits to the shop.

Choo, choo! All aboard the fun train, kids. Next stop… the Nexus!

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