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If You Want to Win, You Gotta Roll the Dice

New Tirisfal City. A town where every cop is on the take and every crook pays their dues. From her penthouse suite atop the Scarlet Monastery Casino, Whitemane runs the largest criminal empire this side of Tirisfal. There isn't a deal that gets made, a job that gets pulled, a scam that gets run without Whitemane giving her blessing and getting her cut. Until now.

The Scarlet Heist is the fall event for Heroes of the Storm, starting the week of September 24, and running through December 3. You’ll be able to unlock skins for Junkrat, Orphea, Sgt. Hammer, and Whitemane, and complete quests to unlock Portraits, Sprays, Emojis, and special Mounts.


During the Scarlet Heist event, all Loot Chests you earn—through progression, Heroes Brawl, or by spending gold—will be Scarlet Heist Loot Chests. (Note that Hero-specific Chests will remain unchanged.) Most limited-time items shown below have a chance to drop from Scarlet Heist Loot Chests only. You can also score Items from last year's limited-time Fall of King's Crest event in Scarlet Heist Loot Chests!

Getaway Sidecar Mount

Who needs friends to ride with when you've got a giant bag of cash?
Getaway Sidecar
Swell Getaway Sidecar
Smooth Getaway Sidecar
Classic Getaway Sidecar
Blazing Getaway Sidecar
Royal Getaway Sidecar

Racoon Mount

This sly guy will steal your heart and your wallet.
Timmy Racoon
Bobby Racoon
Frankie Racoon
Joey Racoon
Escobar Racoon
Tommy Racoon

Junkrat Skins

Jamison "The Wiseguy" Fawkes is responsible for many of the most explosive heists in New Tirisfal’s history. Unfortunately, he has a habit of blowing up his loot along with his targets.
Wiseguy Junkrat
Slick Wiseguy Junkrat
Henchman Wiseguy Junkrat
High Roller Wiseguy Junkrat
Prankster Wiseguy Junkrat

Orphea Skins

When Orphea recruited Junkrat and Sgt. Hammer to help rob the casino, she neglected to mention her ulterior motive: to retrieve a dark and powerful family heirloom stolen by Whitemane herself.
Baby-Face Orphea
Honey Baby-Face Orphea
Lovely Baby-Face Orphea
Sly Baby-Face Orphea
Devious Baby-Face Orphea

Sgt. Hammer Skins

Bama "The Hammer" Kowalski and her crew of heavily armed mobsters take a direct, guns-blazing approach to heists, often bulldozing straight through the wall of the bank vault they intend to rob.
Big Shot Sgt. Hammer
Cabbie Big Shot Sgt. Hammer
Hot Shot Sgt. Hammer
Untouchable Big Shot Sgt. Hammer
Dragster Big Shot Sgt. Hammer

Showstopper Whitemane

Whitemane watches over the sludge and grime of New Tirisfal from the highest spire of the Scarlet Monastery Casino, where thousands of residents invest their loyalty, and their hard-earned coin, on a daily basis.
Showstopper Whitemane
Noir Showstopper Whitemane
Idol Showstopper Whitemane
Diamond Dust Showstopper Whitemane
Silver Screen Showstopper Whitemane


Orphea's plan is simple: she grabs the safe while Junkrat brings the firepower and Bama provides the getaway. Whitemane would never expect anyone to be bold (or stupid) enough to steal from the Scarlet Mafia, and that's the best thing that Orphea's crew has going for them. As you complete quests, you’ll unlock rewards; if you can pull off the heist, you’ll unlock the Royal Getaway Sidecar mount.

Junkrat Quests Rewards - Cartoon Wiseguy Junkrat (Spray), Junkrat Mugshot Portrait
Sgt. Hammer Quests Rewards - Cartoon Hotshot Sgt. Hammer, Sgt (Spray). Hammer Mugshot Portrait
Orphea Quests Rewards - Cartoon Babyface Orphea (Spray), Orphea Mugshot Portrait
Final Quests Rewards - Scarlet Heist Pack (Emoji pack), Royal Getaway Sidecar


Fall of King's Crest Bundle
Alexstrasza, Maiev, Whitemane, Zarya, Spectral Wyrm Alexstrasza, Infernal Wyrm Alexstrasza, Phantom Wyrm Alexstrasza, Spider Warden Maiev, Forgotten Spider Warden Maiev, Night Spider Warden Maiev, Cursed Witch Whitemane, Forgotten Witch Whitemane, Court Witch Whitemane, Phantom Knight Zarya, Infernal Knight Zarya, Geist Knight Zarya

Scarlet Heist Bundle
Sgt. Hammer, Whitemane, Junkrat, Orphea, Big Shot Sgt. Hammer, Cabbie Big Shot Sgt. Hammer, Hot Shot Sgt. Hammer, Showstopper Whitemane, Noir Showstopper Whitemane, Idol Showstopper Whitemane, Wiseguy Junkrat, Slick Wiseguy Junkrat, Henchman Wiseguy Junkrat, Baby-Face Orphea, Honey Baby-Face Orphea, Lovely Baby-Face Orphea, Getaway Sidecar, Classic Getaway Sidecar, Blazing Getaway Sidecar

Big Shot Sgt. Hammer Bundle - Sgt. Hammer, Big Shot Sgt. Hammer, Cabbie Big Shot Sgt. Hammer, Hot Shot Sgt. Hammer
Showstopper Whitemane Bundle - Whitemane, Showstopper Whitemane, Noir Showstopper Whitemane, Idol Showstopper Whitemane
Wiseguy Junkrat Bundle - Junkrat, Wiseguy Junkrat, Slick Wiseguy Junkrat, Henchman Wiseguy Junkrat
Baby-Face Orphea Bundle - Orphea, Baby-Face Orphea, Honey Baby-Face Orphea, Lovely Baby-Face Orphea
Getaway Sidecar Bundle - Getaway Sidecar, Classic Getaway Sidecar, Blazing Getaway Sidecar
Raccoon Bundle - Timmy Raccoon, Bobby Raccoon, Frankie Raccoon

The heat is on and a score like this only comes along once in a lifetime: get out there and take what’s yours before the Scarlet Heist event ends on December 3rd.


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