Heroes of the Storm

New Event: MechaStorm II

The evil forces of Xenotech have arisen once more, and this time, Xenotech Malthael himself is leading the invasion. Humanity’s last, best hope is a new generation of young pilots relying on cutting-edge Mecha technology and the power of courage to stand against Xenotech’s Archangel of Death.

Grab new skins for your favorite Heroes (including Kharazim, Dehaka, and Abathur) and charge into battle with Mecha Yrel and Mecha Valla, or sow chaos and destruction as Xenotech Malthael. Complete special event quests to reassemble Mecha Tyrael and work towards unlocking the Perfect Mecha Tyrael skin. Take part in the mechanized mayhem and earn Mecha-themed sprays, portraits, and loot boxes guaranteed to contain at least one item from either MechaStorm II or previous years’ Summer Events.

Log into the game now, check out the bundles, and save Neo-Stormwind from annihilation. Earth’s fate lies in your hands!

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