Heroes of the Storm

New Items and Limited-Time Discounts

New Items and Limited-Time Discounts

 We're introducing legendary new bundle and incredible discounts just in time for the holiday season! Check out what's up for grabs in the Nexus below:

Special Promotions

For the next two weeks (November 13 – 27*) the 360 Day Boost will be available for a massive 33% discount! Find out more about Boosts in our Gameplay Update Blog Here!

     *These dates may vary slightly by region.


We’re also adding the following new Hero bundle promotions to fill out your Hero rosters at a massive discount!

Welcome to the Nexus Bundle
Muradin Johanna
Dehaka Thrall
Lucio Tyrande
Valla Raynor
Jaina Xul

Heroic Reinforcement Bundle
Anub'arak Tyrael Blaze
Garrosh Diablo Sonya
Varian Rexxar Artanis
Malthael Whitemane Rehgar
Deckard Lt. Morales Uther
Abathur The Lost Vikings Medivh
Tassadar Zarya The Butcher
Kerrigan Maiev Valeera
Gazlowe Falstad Li-Ming
Kael'thas Nova Hanzo

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