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Brawl with the Blues: Mephisto

Brawl with the Blues: Mephisto

The eldest of the Prime Evils has arrived in the Nexus straight out of Diablo 2 - Mephisto! To celebrate, we'll be throwing Skull Missiles and stacking Lightning Nova on our enemies in Quick Match with some special guests. Just who will be delivering such punishment, you ask? Heroes of the Storm Live Designer Alex Neyman and Heroes of the Storm Twitch Streamer Marche, of course! They'll be playing Quick Match, taking questions, and chatting about bringing Mephisto's abilties to the Nexus. In addition to our special guests, Kurt "Kaeyoh" Ocher will also be hosting, so tune in early for an interview with Alex!

Along with our special guests, four other Heroes streamers will be joining us in the Durance of Hate:

Joining us for this Brawl:

When & Where:

Equip your best Magic Find gear, and we'll see you in the Nexus!

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