Heroes of the Storm

In-Development: Mephisto and More!

In-Development: Mephisto and More!

Mephisto, our new Diablo Assassin Hero, vows to have all kneel before him once our newest patch hits the Nexus. Alongside his arrival, you can also look forward to harnessing the power of the Shimada Clan dragons on the updated Hanamura Temple Battleground. Read on to preview Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, as well as all of the cosmetics headed to Heroes of the Storm during the week of September 4.

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New Hero: Mephisto


Dul’Mephistos, the Lord of Hatred, is said to the be most cunning among his brethren. Even while imprisoned in a soulstone, his vile influence corrupted the Zakarum and manipulated them into breaking the seal, giving him free reign to reunite the Prime Evils and enslave humanity. Now he’s entered the Nexus and is ready to unleash destruction upon your foes… once you add him to your collection! While you’re at it, check out the Mephisto Heroic Bundle (available until September 10) and some other awesome items coming to the Nexus soon!

Mephisto Heroic Bundle

Hero Skins
Mephisto Star Wraith Mephisto
Cybernetic Star Wraith Mephisto
Eternal Star Wraith Mephisto

Star Wraith Mephisto Skins (Epic)

Additional Mephisto Skins (Rare)

Mephisto Portraits, Spray, and Emojis

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New Mounts, Sprays, and Portraits.

Celestial Serpent

Claim your Celestial Serpent as an added bonus with any new purchase of Gems!


New Portraits and Sprays

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Whether you’re showing off some new skins for the Lord of Hatred, riding into battle on a new Celestial Serpent, or rocking new Carbot portraits and sprays; you’re sure to make an impression once these new items hit the shop next week. Until next time, we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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