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It’s Time to Take Alterac Pass by Storm!

It’s Time to Take Alterac Pass by Storm!

Attention, recruits! We’ve received updated orders from the front in Alterac. The Horde and Alliance have finished setting up their forward operating bases in the Pass, so it’s time to take the battlefield by storm. We hope your training exercises with General Vanndar or General Drek’Thar have been successful, because Alterac Pass is now available for play in all non-ranked game modes, including Custom Games.

Non-Ranked Battleground Pools Temporarily Reduced

In order to maximize each soldier’s exposure to Alterac Pass, the number of Battlegrounds available for play in Versus A.I., Quick Match, and Unranked matchmaking queues have been temporarily reduced. This reduction will remain in place until the Echoes of Alterac event concludes on July 9. All of the Battlegrounds removed from the non-ranked pool will remain available for play in Custom Games.

Reduced Battleground Pool
Alterac Pass
Braxis Holdout
Cursed Hollow
Dragon Shire
Infernal Shrines
Tomb of the Spider Queen

Please note: Hero League and Team League Battleground pools have not been adjusted, as Alterac Pass will not be available in ranked play until the week of July 9.

Grab your gear, set your loadouts, and report immediately to Alterac Pass for additional orders from your faction's General. We’ll see you on the front lines!

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