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Lunara and Diablo Gameplay Updates

Lunara and Diablo Gameplay Updates

Launching on the PTR with today's (5/14) patch, we’re galloping into some devilish updates for both Lunara and Diablo. Read on for a high-level description of what’s changing, while you discover why we are excited for you to get your hands on these new and improved versions of the First Daughter of Cenarius and the Lord of Terror.


Getting Back to the Roots of the First Daughter of Cenarius

Our goals for this gameplay update are two-pronged: First, we wanted to add some additional gameplay to Lunara’s Wisp ability and consolidate some Wisp talents into something that we felt was a more interesting choice. Our second goal was to expand the playstyles available to Lunara by injecting more power into her Talent options. However, with adding so much more power into her talents, we’ve had to slightly reduce some of the power in her core abilties. We’ve had a blast testing Lunara in our internal playtests, and we’re excited to release her new and improved version into the wild!

Talent Preview:


Combining the functionality of some of Lunara’s older Wisp (E) talents, Sentinel Wisp now grants bonus vision range and reveals an area after remaining in a bush for a few seconds.


Lowering the cooldown of Crippling Spores (W) if it’s cast while more than one enemy Hero is affected by Nature’s Toxin, Endless Spores rewards Lunara for dishing out damage to multiple members of the enemy team.


Intensifying Toxin is Lunara’s new Level 20 Storm Talent option that drastically ramps up the damage of Nature’s Toxin once an enemy reaches 3 stacks.


Some Devilishly Fun Changes for the Lord of Terror

Our aim with Diablo’s update was to give the Lord of Terror more direct control into his abilities, add some fun new gameplay options, and avoid compromising what we feel Diablo does best.  To accomplish our goals, we're putting more power directly into the hands of Diablo players by adding targeting to Fire Stomp. Additionally, we are allowing multiple fire waves to hit the same Hero, so with the right amount of mechanical prowess and coordination, you can now pull off those perfect combos.  We're also adding self-healing to Fire Stomp so that Diablo has a way of maintaining his own Health total without relying solely on his teammates and Healing Fountains.  To help with those problematic low-Takedown games, Diablo’s Level 4 Talents now allow him to collect Souls in interesting new ways, so that he can still make the most of his Trait, Black Soulstone.  There are a significant number of fun synergies and interactions between Talents across his tree, and we're excited to see what creative combinations players latch onto.

Talent Preview:

Medivh - Force of Magic.gif

Available at Level 1, Feast on Fear heals Diablo for 15% of his total Health over 4 seconds after stunning a Hero with Overpower (E) or Shadow Charge. (Q)


Fire Stomp can now be fired in a cone, allowing Diablo to setup combinations for massive damage.


Resetting the cooldown of Fire Stomp (W) with every cast of Shadow Charge (Q) and Overpower (E), Eternal Flames allows Diablo to wreak havoc in team fights with never-ending waves of fire.

We hope you’re as excited for these gameplay updates as we are. Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s patch notes to find out all the details. Until then, we’ll see you in the Nexus!


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