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Opening Moves: Learning from the Pros

Opening Moves: Learning from the Pros

Throughout competitive Heroes of the Storm, we've seen some truly remarkable strategies and plays that have surprised pro players, casters, and fans alike. Despite new strategies coming to light on a weekly basis in the HGC, there are a handful of key drafts, playstyles, and tactics that you can expect to see in any given day of professional play.

Over on the Heroes Esports site, we published a series of "Opening Moves" stories that serve as a guide to some of these essential strategies and why they have become the norm. In each article, a pro player dissects each element of the what and why, as well as when you should or shouldn't employ this strategy at home.

Each of these are tactics that you've seen in competitive play across the world, Quick Match, and Ranked Play alike, so dive into each of them, share them with your team, and show your enemies what you've learned!

Article What You Can Learn

The 4-1 Split, Everything You Need To Know

How to split your heroes efficiently into lanes, especially on two-lane battlegrounds.

How to Know If You'll Win the Level 1 Fight

Sizing up your opponent's team and determining if brawling at Level 1 will go in your favor.

When, Where, and Why You Should Cheese a Tower Early

An alternate strategy some choose to employ by which you take an opponent's tower for an early-game advantage.

5v5 Mid, Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?

Learn why players tend to head into a 5v5 brawl in the middle lane, even during HGC matches.

The Chinese Bush Meta

The value and history of using the fog of war to your advantage, and tips for how to deal with it.

Let us know how these strategies work for you and your allies, and if you'd like to see more guides on various aspects of Heroes of the Storm!

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