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Congratulations to the Fastest Teams to Escape from Braxis!

Congratulations to the Fastest Teams to Escape from Braxis!

Last week, teams around the world banded together and put their skills to the test in a desperate last stand against the Omegaswarm in the new brawl Escape from Braxis. Many rose to meet this challenge head on, but some—through impeccable teamwork—managed to carve out a path to safety in record time.

Please join us in congratulating the five fastest teams to complete Escape from Braxis Brawl on Normal difficulty in each region!

Normal Difficulty

Congratulations to the 5 fastest teams to Escape from Braxis on Normal difficulty in each region!

Rank Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 04m:26s TScattle (Valla) TSGlaurung (Illidan) TSpsalm (Greymane) TSFan (Artanis) TSjun (Rehgar)
2 04m:41s KrazyIvan (Greymane) Zulcan (Rehgar) Zunicorn (Illidan) Templaart (Artanis) Rexba (Valla)
3 04m:48s KeithStone (Valla) Whet (Artanis) BassHead (Sonya) Mario22 (Illidan) flibadajibit (Rehgar)
4 04m:51s BerranWillis (Rehgar) Zergling (Gazlowe) Tracklist (Greymane) Dementia (Artanis) IIIIIIIIIII (Illidan)
5 04m:55s Selenityy (Greymane) Akso (Artanis) DJxFlap (Valla) Vyvanze (Illidan) Athrok (Rehgar)
Rank Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 04m:16s 참취캔 (Greymane) JudyHopps (Gazlowe) zhffhzh (Artanis) 탑승장인김떡순 (Illidan) MedenAgan (Rehgar)
2 04m:18s Archon (Rehgar) JudyHopps (Gazlowe) zhffhzh (Artanis) 탑승장인김떡순 (Illidan) MedenAgan (Greymane)
3 04m:24s 행인 (Rehgar) Archon (Gazlowe) zhffhzh (Artanis) 탑승장인김떡순 (Illidan) MedenAgan (Greymane)
4 04m:26s Archon (Greymane) zhffhzh (Artanis) 탑승장인김떡순 (Illidan) golizerd (Rehgar) 옆동네질럿 (Gazlowe)
5 04m:27s Archon (Greymane) JudyHopps (Gazlowe) zhffhzh (Artanis) 탑승장인김떡순 (Illidan) golizerd (Rehgar)
Rank Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 04m:44s 九月藏歌 (Illidan) 琴声咀嚼着伤 (Valla) 手抖脚麻 (Rehgar) 机械之刃 (Greymane) 天铭 (Artanis)
2 04m:48s 念倒才猪 (Greymane) 陈一发儿 (Gazlowe) fsds (Johanna) 星海中的航舰 (Zarya) 子尘 (Lúcio)
3 04m:49s 全场最色 (Rehgar) 九月藏歌 (Illidan) 看书的米酒 (Greymane) 琴声咀嚼着伤 (Valla) 天铭 (Artanis)
4 04m:50s 我有女朋友 (Illidan) 冰封利刃 (Valla) 王大锤008 (Artanis) 如火如菊 (Rehgar) 艾尚妮妮 (Greymane)
5 04m:52s 念倒才猪 (Rehgar) 陈一发儿 (Gazlowe) 侧写丶 (Greymane) fsds (Johanna) 星海中的航舰 (Zarya)
*Update: Since our original posting, we have discovered that the former second place team had a finish of 04m44s, and have moved them to the first-place position. We apologize for this error.
Rank Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5
1 04m:15s Erwin (Valla) Rzmx (Illidan) Scionox (Rehgar) Morpheus (Greymane) Cephiro (Artanis)
2 04m:20s Fãith (Rehgar) BGuy (Greymane) PolishPowers (Gazlowe) TWGMindHawk (Illidan) TWGBilBilsen (Artanis)
3 04m:28s Rzmx (Illidan) Cephiro (Artanis) Morpheus (Rehgar) Erwin (Valla) Baroq (Greymane)
4 04m:29s Kenny (Illidan) syDt (Artanis) Dethra (Greymane) dragoN (Gazlowe) Oxeos (Rehgar)
5* 04m:31s UwImFabulous (Rehgar) KnowMe (Artanis) TazzDingo (Illidan) Noonia (Valla) bLaDe (Greymane)
6 04m:34s Mango (Rehgar) Rzmx (Illidan) Cephiro (Artanis) Alchemy (Greymane) Scionox (Gazlowe)
*Update: In our original posting, the fifth place EU team was mistakenly left out. We apologize for this error, and because it was our mistake, have decided to keep the sixth place team on this leaderboard.

Whether you stood tall against the Omegaswarm and pressed forward to victory or fell valiantly under the crushing onslaught of claws and spines, we hope you’re enjoying Escape from Braxis! Intrepid teams are still fighting their way off the planet in Heroic mode, so stay tuned, because we’re planning to post the fastest completion times from that difficulty next week.

We change up the Heroes Brawl mode every Friday, so be sure to check in regularly to try your hand at exciting twists on Heroes of the Storm gameplay, and pick up a sweet Loot Chest reward. See you in the Nexus!


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