Heroes of the Storm

The Stage is Set for the Heroes Community Gauntlet!

The Stage is Set for the Heroes Community Gauntlet!

Do you have what it takes to become the first ever Nexus MVP?! Find out at our Heroes Community Gauntlet, starting immediately after opening ceremony on the epic stage. Selected at random from the crowd by some developer volunteers, several lucky participants will have the opportunity vie for glory (and awesome prizes) alongside developers and streamers, competing in a series of challenges designed to test their wit, agility, and Heroes game knowledge.

When and Where?

Highlights and Prizes

  • The gauntlet will feature three surprise guests from the Heroes of the Storm community!
  • All participants will bring home awesome prizes, including a EPIC Grand Prize for our Nexus MVP!
  • Hosted by two of our very own Heroes Developers, Lana and Cody!

Your Hosts



Gameplay Programmer for Heroes of the Storm and Host of the Heroes Community Gauntlet. Cody is responsible for engineering tech surrounding Junkrat Grenades, AI, and combat systems over the last two years. Cody is also known as the best Heroes player on the team… according to his mom.



Professional Canadian, Animator for the Heroes of the Storm team, and Host of the Heroes Community Gauntlet. Her most notable works include animations for Chromie, Dehaka, Stukov, and getting timed out for using too much CAPSLOCK in twitch chat.

Whether you’re joining us in person or at home on the Virtual Ticket, we look forward to having you join us for the Heroes Community Gauntlet at BlizzCon 2017!

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