Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Notes — October 25, 2017

Heroes of the Storm Hotfix Notes — October 25, 2017

We just released a new patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply a few bug fixes.

Bug Fixes


  • Tutorial: Fixed an issue causing AI Heroes to ignore certain objectives during Tutorial missions.
  • Blackheart’s Bay: Fixed an issue that could cause Minions and Summons to become stuck when attempting to attack the Keep and standalone Tower in the Middle Lane.

Heroes, Abilities, and Talents

  • D.Va: Fixed an issue preventing Boosters from receiving the Rush-down Talent’s cooldown reduction bonus if D.Va was attacking an enemy shortly before activating Boosters.
  • Junkrat: Using Concussion Mine to destroy D.Va’s Mech and knock her into the terrain will no longer remove her from the Battleground until she respawns.

User Interface

  • Loadouts: Switching Skins using the Loadout menu will now correctly display that Skin during Hero Select.


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