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Top Gamers Throw Down in Heroes Showdown at gamescom 2017

Top Gamers Throw Down in Heroes Showdown at gamescom 2017

It’s time to get hyped—gamescom 2017 is just over a week away, and we have an incredible show lined up. We’ll share full details soon, but here’s a sneak peek at an event you won’t want to miss. If you’re ready to enjoy some on-stage gaming rivalry, Heroes of the Storm: Showdown is for you!

Whether you’re an esports fanatic or just love live MOBA action, you’ll definitely want to catch our two epic show matches either in person or via live stream.

Team expert vs. Team Liquid

Some of the very best players in the world will be battling it out at gamescom, as Team Liquid and Team expert face off on Wednesday, August 23 from 5:00 to 6:30 a.m. PDT.

Team expert

Team expert

Based in Germany, Team expert is known for executing unique drafts and utilizing niche heroes. Their roster is well accustomed to success—they finished second in the recent 2017 HGC Western Clash, and are currently ranked number two in the HGC Europe standings.

 Team Liquid

Team Liquid

Team Liquid boasts the longest running five-player roster in the HGC, and it just so happens that four of them are German! They’re sure to have plenty of local support at gamescom, which may be just what they need after recent battles with Team Expert. Their Heroes Showdown opponents knocked them out of the HGC Western Clash earlier this month. Can they take revenge in Cologne?

Team ApeCrime vs. Team PietSmiet

Get ready for the most legendary YouTuber clash this year! German music and comedy team ApeCrime will challenge gaming personalities PietSmiet on Friday, August 25 from 2:45 to 4:15 a.m. PDT. Be sure to follow along and find out who’ll be victorious in this battle of the titans.

ApeCrime  ApeCrime

Team ApeCrime

With more than five million subscribers over two channels on YouTube, ApeCrime is sure to have their fair share of fans in the gamescom crowd! Well known for their awesome music and hilarious videos, Cengiz Dogrul, Andre Schiebler, and Jan-Christoph Meyer will offer some top-notch entertainment on stage. With Michael ‘KendricSwissh’ Kratzel and Walter ‘MFPallytime’ Hopkins rounding out their team, they’re sure to bring a few surprises to the Nexus.

Kev1n Drunktrain

Team PietSmiet

PietSmiet has been producing gaming-related content since 2011, including “Let’s Play” videos, “Best Of” roundups, and their “Let’s Ask” series. More than two and half million fans follow their channels on YouTube, and they’re sure to earn a few more at gamescom. Chris Stachelhaus, Jonathan Apelt, and Sebastian Lenßen will be joined by esports expert Derek ‘DunkTrain’ Arabian and “Tryhard for Good” streamer Kevin ‘Kev1n’ Rubiszewski.

Attendees at gamescom can meet the competitors and grab an autograph immediately after the show matches are over.

We’ll have more on our gamescom activities available in the coming days, including full stage and stream schedules. Stay tuned and enjoy the show!

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