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Core Concepts: Team Leveling (Part 2)

Core Concepts: Team Leveling (Part 2)

Greetings! In the previous issue of Core Concepts which was focused on Team Leveling, we offered specific information about how XP in the Nexus works, and focused on the overall flow of the game. In this issue, we expand on Team Leveling with the following topic:

  • Strategies for Acquiring and Utilizing XP

As ever, we encourage you to check out the tutorial within the game and get your hands dirty with the tutorial. It’s our hope that together with the info presented in this series, along with the experiences you’ll acquire there, soon you’ll be the shot-caller in battle, helping to provide your teammates with the strategic backup they require.



In Part 1 of our Team Leveling guide, we discussed the importance of XP and how the flow of the game translates to what the team’s focus should be at different times. In this section, we’d like to bring attention to soaking, and what to do when your team is at a player or level disadvantage.



The easiest and most accessible way to acquire XP in this early part of the game is to either be present (within vision distance) of a minion’s defeat, or to have landed the killing blow (for characters with long range offensive abilities). It is not uncommon to see teams eager to dig in at their opponent’s base make an aggressive push, but this is not necessary to acquire the minion XP. Although aggressive strategies absolutely can and will work for experienced and communicative teams, for beginning players we recommend considering a more defensive strategy. This is especially important for players who are soloing lanes; they will do well to make sure that the fight with minions does not happen so far away from the safety of their fort that they cannot easily retreat should trouble arise.

Tip #1

Experience can still be earned from killing minions, regardless of range, if you land the killing blow. Long range abilities like Azmodan’s Globe of Annihilation can take advantage of this to farm experience from two lanes at one time.

Tip #2

Abathur’s Symbiote collects xp in the same way a normal Hero does. Take advantage of careful positioning to soak xp in two lanes at once with the slug.

Power Spikes

At the major talent levels, Heroes will see significant power spikes which should be capitalized on situationally. As you gain familiarity with the Heroes, you’ll learn the differences in when these spikes occur. For example, Nazeebo receives a spike at level 20 (Vile Infection), whereas Ragnaros gets a spike at level 16 (Giant Scorcher). Learning when each of the characters see their spikes, will in turn help you gain confidence in making the most appropriate decision depending on how the battle is unfolding. Be sure to check out the characters that are free to play; as the selection is updated, the current selection of free heroes will be called out at the top of our Heroes page.


Look for opportunities to “bully” enemy Heroes out of experience range if you have a significant advantage in lane. Putting them behind in experience can open up windows for your team to make power plays.

Considering the Alternatives

Throughout the course of battles in the Nexus, there are going to be times that your team finds itself trailing behind in levels. Keep in mind that teams may sometimes overextend, or be too quick to secure hasty kills, and this may give a trailing team just the opportunity it needs to make a comeback.

When a team is at a player or level disadvantage, the team should consider alternative ways to go about acquiring XP other than aggressing major points of conflict. In the case where a team is down a player or two and an objective has become available, it’ll no doubt be reckless for the remaining members to try to contest it. Instead, a safer strategy would be to use that time to go after a Mercenary Camp, or to continue to soak away from the objective that has drawn the opponent team in. That way, even if your team takes the hit of a lost objective you have still not further risked more lost XP due to fighting against the odds, or kept the team balance uneven for longer. You will have continued to harvest XP, and have also given your teammates a chance to properly regroup for the next objective.



In the previous issues of Core Concepts, we’ve talked about what sets Heroes of the Storm apart from other MOBAs, and offered some of the Battleground basics. We hope that in this latest issue we’ve continued to deliver some of the information that will help you get off on the right footing in battle. Cheers all, we'll see you in the Nexus!

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