Heroes of the Storm

East Meets West in Heroes All-Stars

East Meets West in Heroes All-Stars

Ready your weapons and raise your shields! The Mid-Season Brawl begins on June 10, where 12 top teams from across the HGC will compete to discover who is truly the best in the world. While the action rages on in the main event, we’ll find out what happens when East meets West in Heroes All-Stars 2017! We’ll be taking the best players from each region, forming two legendary teams, and setting them loose in a series of epic show matches.

We called on you to pick the ultimate lineup for each team by voting for your favorite players and the votes are in. These pros will represent the East or the West and battle it out in three best-of-three-game matches at DreamHack Summer from June 17-19. The first set of matches will be played using the standard HGC format, but we’ll be taking off the gloves and changing up the rules in series two and three—stay tuned for details.

Meet the Teams!

West East
Vanilla GoDDog
Hamtaro XingC
Jun nsj
Glaurung Noblesse
Mene merryday
schwimpi Loli

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