Heroes of the Storm

Cassia Enters the Nexus!

Cassia Enters the Nexus!

"Those who prepare, endure.”

- Cassia, Amazon Warmatron




After shattering the Worldstone, the young Amazon Cassia had changed. She had seen hatred, terror, and destruction firsthand. If the Askari were to survive the coming darkness, they needed an army. Sending the need, Cassia would now begin their training immediately in the Nexus!

Read on for a breakdown of a few of her talents, a spotlight video, and some tips and tricks around drafting Cassia, Amazon Warmatron!



Talent Highlights:

storm_ui_icon_dehaka_essencecollection.pngTrue Sight – True Sight amps up Cassia’s ability to punish blinded enemies by not only increasing the duration of Blinding Light, but also increasing her passive damage to blinded targets. It’s a one-two punch of Amazonian fury!                                                                                                               

storm_ui_icon_dehaka_burrow.pngSurge of Light -  Granting an activatable ability that can be triggered to deal damage around Cassia after blocking damage with her avoiding Trait, Surge of Light offers active, front-line Cassia players another way to dish out tons of lightning-enhanced damage on the battlefield.                                                                                                                        

storm_ui_icon_dehaka_brushstalker.pngPierce – Allowing Lightning Fury to pierce enemies and split when contacting Heroes, Pierce makes quick work of grouped up enemies Heroes, annoying Vikings, and Blademaster clones. 


Friends and Foes:

Works well with:

Johanna_Crop.jpg Cassia deals additional damage versus Heroes that are blinded. She has her own way to do so with Blinding Light but has no objections to working alongside allies that can also help her out! Johanna brings a pretty healthy Warrior kit that also excels against auto-attacking enemies while sporting her own blind – Shield Glare. If the enemy is smugly sporting a hefty axe-slinger (looking at you Zul’jin), bringing this pair against him will dull his axes real quick!


Most of the time, Cassia will be fairly resistant during skirmishes, due to her Trait – Avoidance. This means that she can handle herself for a bit but her health will be chipped away over time. What better way to shore up any bumps and nicks she gets along the way than a happy-to-heal Panda! Healing isn’t the only thing Li Li brings that can help Cassia out though – Blinding Wind also blinds their foes, making her a wonderful traveling companion who is more than willing to help Cassia explore the enemies weaknesses! Who’s ready for adventure?


You know you’re in trouble when both the leader of the Protoss Daelaam and an Amazon team-up together. Pairing Cassia up with a front-line bruiser such as Artanis is rarely a bad idea. Not only can Artanis soak the spell damage that Cassia wants to avoid, but he also helps keep the enemy distracted long enough for her to whittle them down with lightning. If that wasn’t enough, Suppression Pulse is guaranteed to embolden Cassia’s damage against an entire team. If you are having a hard time seeing the similarities of her favorite teammates, you must be blind!

Struggles Against: 


Cassia becomes a lightning rod for long-range spell-slingers such as Li Ming. Her Avoidance grants her amazing survivability against basic attacks, but spell casters could honestly care less. Since Cassia relies on closing gaps, hitting skill-shots, and pouncing on immobile or retreating Heroes, Li Ming has all the tools to out-play and out-damage the lightning goddess.


Getting rooted is often a death-sentence for Cassia since Avoidance is only active while she is moving. Not only is Malfurion a master of rooting over-zealous Heroes, he also brings enough healing-over-time to help patch up any of the consistent damage Cassia wants to throw at his team. While Malfurion is rarely a direct threat to Cassia, any follow up from his team while she is rooted will quickly end in a one-way trip back to the fountain.


The Lich King could honestly care less about pitiful lightning damage thrown around by a self-proclaimed demi-god. One misstep by Cassia will quickly put her in range of death’s cold embrace. A single well-placed Howling Blast will turn off her Trait, and allow him to close the gap. Once Arthas has her in range of Frozen Tempest, Cassia’s lack of mobility will slowly cause her to succumb to the same fate that has befallen countless poor souls before her.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this detailed look at Cassia, Heroes. We’ll see you in the Nexus! ​

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