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The Heroes of the Storm Open Tournaments will be competitions made official by Blizzard that will need to meet certain criteria to obtain the following benefits:

  • A kit with 6 Skins (5 for the champion team players and 1 for the organizer).
  • A kit with 6 codes for 30,000 in gold (5 for the winning team, 1 for the organizer).
  • Advertisement in the official Blizzard eSports channels and potentially in Heroes of the Storm.
  • The winning teams in each open tournament will qualify for a "Champion's Bracket". The finalists of this bracket will advance directly to the Group Stage of the  #HGCCopaAmerica.

The Open Tournaments are meant to encourage new tournament organizers and players to take another step towards the competitive scene of Heroes of the Storm and to become professionals.

Each Open Tournament will have a certain level of freedom for the general parameters like prizes, participating subregion, mode (online or offline), and more. Nevertheless, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order for your event to be approved and to receive the benefits:

  • The tournament must be open to any team within the subregion (north or south).
  • The tournament must offer an official broadcast with a minimum of 720p 30FPS quality at least during the semifinals and finals. The broadcast must have shoutcasters.
  • The tournament must be created in Battlefy. If you wish to use a different platform, please mention this information in your request.
  • The registration must be open to at least 16 teams
  • The organization must send the report about the tournament within 72 hours of  completion.

For more information, check out our Guide for Open Tournaments and F.A.Q.

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