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Hallow's End is Here!

Hallow's End is Here!

Hallow’s End is creeping up on the Nexus, and we’ve got an XP Bonus, a new event quest, and several new cosmetic items ready to begin haunting Heroes of the Storm next week. Get your costume on and enjoy a few treats during Hallow’s End 2016, which kicks off Tuesday, October 25, and lasts until November 8. 

XP Bonus

Enjoy a ghoulish 50% XP bonus throughout Hallow’s End for games played in any mode except Training or Custom Games.


New Event Quest and Reward

Play 15 games during Hallow’s End in any mode except Custom Games, Training, or Heroes Brawl to earn the new Deputy Valla portrait, but act quickly —our Hallow's End celebration concludes on November 8!

Deputy Valla Portrait


Spooktacular New Bundles

A pair of chilling new Hallow’s End bundles have also entered the Shop for a limited time. Take a look at each bundle below and be sure to pick them up before they leave the Nexus on November 8*.


Hallow's End 2016 Bundle

Heroes Skins Mounts
Valla Deputy Valla Eye Pad**
Xul Scarecrow Xul

Hallow's End 2016 Ultimate Bundle

Heroes Skins Mounts
Valla Deputy Valla Eye Pad**
Xul Scarecrow Xul Headless Horseman's Charger
Arthas Crimson Count Arthas
Falstad Buccaneer Falstad
Tychus Infested Tychus

* Date may very slightly by region.

** The Eye Pad mount is currently exclusive to the Hallow’s End bundles, but may return as an individual item in the future.



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