Heroes of the Storm

More Free-to-Play Heroes in Training and Versus AI

More Free-to-Play Heroes in Training and Versus AI

Students in many countries around the world are officially on a lengthy break from their studies until classes resume in the Fall. We’d like to spread a bit of that “Summer Vacation” vibe to all players in the Nexus by offering the chance to try out many additional heroes —for free— in Training and Versus AI games over the next few weeks. 


With the arrival of this week’s patch, until the week of Tuesday, August 23, the first 30 heroes who set foot in the Nexus will become free-to-play in Training and Versus AI mode games. Check out the complete roster below:

Assassin Specialist Support Warrior
Falstad Abathur Brightwing Arthas
Illidan Azmodan Li Li Chen
Kerrigan Gazlowe Malfurion Diablo
Nova Murky Rehgar E.T.C.
Raynor Nazeebo Tassadar Muradin
Tychus Sgt. Hammer Tyrande Sonya
Valla Zagara Uther Stitches
Zeratul Tyrael


Whether you’re new to Heroes of the Storm, a seasoned Versus AI veteran, or simply introducing a friend to the game, now is the perfect time to expand your game knowledge by checking out a few heroes that you may not have tried before. It’s summertime in the Nexus, so toss on some shades, turn up the heat, and enjoy this extended vacation from our standard hero rotations in your Training and Versus AI games.


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