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Artanis Hero Week

Artanis Hero Week

"For the glory of the Daelaam!"

- Artanis, Protoss Executor


Armed with dual psi-blades and fueled by the unyielding will of the Protoss, Artanis, Hierarch of the Daelaam, is the newest melee Warrior to join the Nexus!

Players choosing to warp into play with Artanis will discover a versatile Warrior who thrives in extended combat situations. When severely damaged during a skirmish, Artanis’ passive, Shield Overload, makes the hierarch seemingly invincible by granting a shield that activates more often with his basic attacks. With his Phase Prism ability, Artanis is able to swap positions with an opponent, forcing enemies out of place and granting him instant access to the heart of the enemy team where he can wreak havoc with his Twin Blades and Blade Dash abilities.

Both of Artanis’ Heroic Abilities utilize the presence of the orbiting Spear of Adun vessel, granting an infinite cast range and making Artanis a constant global threat once he reaches level 10. The first of these heroic abilities, Suppression Pulse, calls down a blast of energy on a large area, dealing damage and causing enemies to miss their Basic Attacks for a few seconds. As an alternative, Artanis can gain access to Purifier Beam, an ability that singles out an opponent and blasts them with a concentrated beam of energy, slowly following them and dealing significant damage over time.

For a more in-depth look into Artanis’ abilities and playstyle check out his trailer and hero spotlight video below. En Taro Tassadar!


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