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Coming Soon: Dynamic Bundles

Coming Soon: Dynamic Bundles
Until this point, the Heroes of the Storm Shop has only featured bundles that we refer to as “Static”, meaning that their prices and contents were inflexible. We weren’t quite happy with the way this experience might feel for players who already owned some of the items a bundle contained, and feedback from the Heroes community has mirrored some of our own feelings about bundles. With these things in mind, we set out to make improvements, and we’re pleased to announce that Dynamic Bundles will arrive to the Shop with our next major Heroes patch!


What Are Dynamic Bundles?


In short, Dynamic Bundles are bundles that offer three or more items, and their prices will be reduced when you already own one or more of the items they contain. You can expect that a Dynamic Bundle’s total price will be lowered based on the prices of the items that you already own within that bundle.

  • For example: Consider a Dynamic Bundle that includes the Roller Derby Nova Skin. If you already own Roller Derby Nova, the total cost for that bundle will be reduced by the Skin’s bundle price.

However, there are some exceptions where you will be unable to purchase a bundle if you already own some of the items it contains.

  • Two-Item Bundles: These are Static Bundles that cannot be purchased if you own one of the two items they contain.
  • Bonus Items: You will be unable to buy bundles that include items such as a Stimpack or bonus Gold if you already own all of the other items that bundle contains. For example, you will be unable to purchase the Starter Bundle (pictured above) if the Stimpack it offers is the only item you do not already own.


Gold May Be Headed Your Way

As part of these bundle improvements, and to help thank those among you made purchases early on during Heroes of the Storm development, we’re going to grant gold to any players who may have purchased the same item more than once by buying a bundle that contained items they already owned.

What’s more, as part of our upcoming changes for Ranked Play, we’ll also be granting Gold to any players who created named Team League teams.

We’ll begin granting Gold to players who made duplicate purchases via bundles, or created named Team League teams, in a few days. If you’re among these players, be sure to watch out for an email from us at the address associated with your Battle.net account. You can also keep an eye on the official Heroes forums to find out when we’ve begun to send out Gold.


Upcoming Bundle Changes

We felt that it’s time to refresh some of our current bundle lineup in the Heroes Shop alongside the arrival of Dynamic Bundles. The Nexus Bundle in particular has been around for quite a while, and we’re planning to replace it with the new Storm Bundle.

This bundle swap means that the Nazeebra Mount, which is exclusive to the Nexus Bundle, will also be removed from the Shop. However, we’re going to keep the Nexus Bundle available as a Dynamic Bundle for one week following patch day so that those of you who have been eyeing the Nazeebra Mount can still obtain it during this time.

Storm Bundle

          Anub'arak            Tyrande
         Falstad            Storm Lord Falstad Skin
         Gazlowe            Grimskull Nazeebo Skin
         Nazeebo            Roller Derby Nova Skin
        Nova            Wrath Sonya Skin
        Sonya            Cyberwolf Mount
       Tassadar           Rainbow Unicorn Mount

With the arrival of our next patch, we’re also going to add two brand new hero-only Dynamic Bundles. Check out the upcoming Conquest and Domination Bundles below!

Conquest Bundle Domination Bundle
Arthas Chen
Jaina Diablo
Rehgar Gazlowe
Sonya Kerrigan
Zagara Uther


If you’re looking for more news from the Nexus you’re in luck, because we just announced a slew of new Heroes, a new Diablo-themed Battleground, as well as big changes for Ranked Play, at gamescom 2015. Our next major game update is just around the corner, so keep your eyes locked on the official Heroes site for more announcements about the impending patch.


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