Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest Semi-Finalists Revealed

Heroes of the Storm Ultimate Fan Art Contest Semi-Finalists Revealed

Over the last two months, talented artists from this side of Azeroth, the Koprulu Sector, Sanctuary, and beyond have taken up their styluses to defend the Nexus and celebrate the launch of Heroes of the Storm. One-by-one, they've channeled their inner Heroes to create stunning illustrations depicting characters from two or more different Blizzard universes engaged in battle.

There are over $13,000 worth of prizes and an original sketch from Sam Didier up for grabs, and by the time the deadline for the contest drew to a close a few weeks ago, an incredible 2,373 pieces of stunning artwork had been submitted! The sheer talent of each and every one of these artists is astounding, and we highly encourage you to feast your eyes on all of the contest entries.

Twenty-five semi-finalists have been selected by the Heroes of the Storm Art Team from the fifty pieces chosen by deviantART staff. In the next few weeks, we'll be announcing the three grand-prize winners of this epic contest, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feast your eyes on the top 25 semi-finalists below:

"A Glimpse of Heroes of the Storm Epic Universe" by IosifChezan

"Battle against Grave Golem" by Samarskiy

"Battle Heroes" by Kuzinskiy

"Encounter" by TamplierPainter

"A Titan's Duel" by StuArtStudios "Heroes of the Storm - Rojak Squad" by theDURRRRIAN

"Hangover Battle!" by R-chie

"Heroes of the Storm: Rhapsody" by Sswanderer

"Heroes of the Storm: Breakthrough" by Rofesiv

"Heroes of the Storm: Heat of Battle" by Joel-Lagerwall

"Heroes of the Storm: Into the War" by Yinyiming

"Heroes of the Storm" by Eksrey

"Heroes of the Storm" by Graphitenightmare

"Heroes of the Storm" by Romakuz

"Heroes of the Storm Contest" by Daviechang24

"Heroes of the Storm: Into the Nest" by B03DI

"Heroes of the Storm - Battle in the Storm" by AivaBlue

"Hotsc" by Jo-nah

"Indestructible" by Svenechoff

"On a Narrow Path" by Mokhman

"Sargeras vs. Monk" by EdCid "Skill Duel" by El-Andyjack

"Stitches vs. Demon Hunter" by Peter-Ortiz

"United We Stand" by M-hugo

"Wrath" by Novanim

Thank you to all contest participants for being a part of our wonderfully creative community, and good luck to the 25 semi-finalists! Be sure to check out more of the artists’ brawl-tastic work in their respective galleries listed above.

Are you interested in creating something special to celebrate the launch of Heroes of the Storm? Make sure to tell us all about it over in our Community Creations forum!

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