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E3 PC Gaming Show – Heroes Recap

E3 PC Gaming Show – Heroes Recap

Last night, at the E3 PC Gaming Show, we gave you a sneak peek at some of the epic content that will be coming to the Nexus throughout our impending Eternal Conflict event. During the show, we announced Leoric, a new Warrior, and revealed the fast and agile Monk as our first Diablo Support. Alongside the two new heroes that will be entering the fray, pesky Treasure Goblins will be making an appearance to stir up trouble in the Nexus. If you slay a goblin, rumor has it that you will be rewarded with awesome loot! Stay tuned to the official Heroes site for more information throughout the coming weeks. For now, feast your eyes on our Eternal Conflict Trailer:



Leoric welcomes all to the Eternal Conflict


All will bow before him.


Hey Look! A Treasure Goblin


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