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Public Test Realm Now Live

Public Test Realm Now Live

The Eternal Conflict will invade the Nexus with our next patch, and we’d like to request your assistance in testing some of the new content and changes it contains before the update arrives on June 30. In order to do this, we’re going to open a Public Test Realm, starting on Tuesday, June 23.

We know many of you will be excited to dive into the new patch content as soon as possible, but we kindly ask that you first take a few moments to check out the access instructions and PTR FAQ below.


How to Access the PTR


Accessing the PTR is easy! Click over to the Heroes of the Storm tab on your Battle.net application, and then follow these steps:

  • Click the Region/Account dropdown list found just above the big blue “Play” button.
  • Select “PTR: Heroes of the Storm” from the top of the list, and then click “Install”.
  • Once your installation completes, simply click "Play" to log in to the PTR.

Please note: You must have installed Heroes of the Storm and logged in to the game at least once in order to gain access to the PTR. If the PTR is not available using the steps above, try logging in to Heroes, then close the game client, and attempt to launch the PTR again.



Can I post feedback about the upcoming patch content?

Of course! Log in, play a few matches, and let us know what you think. We always appreciate your thoughts on the game, and will continue to welcome constructive feedback about new and old content alike during this PTR phase. However, this iteration of the PTR is largely intended to make sure everything in the next Heroes patch is working correctly before it is released. We will largely be focused on uncovering bugs during this time, and will likely not be able to incorporate changes based on PTR feedback until we release additional patches in the future.

Will I still have my Heroes and Skins on the PTR?

Yes. Any purchases you’ve made in Heroes of the Storm thus far will be available for use on the PTR, including your Heroes, Mounts, and Skins. Additionally, the same free-to-play Hero Rotation that’s available in the current version of the game will also be available on the PTR.

Update: Any purchases you make on the Public Test Realm using real money will now transfer to your home region on the live version of the game. Do keep in mind, however, that if the item you purchase on the PTR has not been released on the live version of Heroes yet, such as a new hero or skin, then you will be unable to use that item on your home region until it is added to the game with the impending patch.

However, please note that the in-game Shop will be disabled during this phase of the PTR, and you will be unable to make any purchases using real money or Gold.

What about my level progress and Gold?

Your Hero and Player Levels, Gold, progression rewards, and any other content you’ve unlocked in Heroes of the Storm thus far will not transfer over to the PTR. Additionally, Hero and Player Levels, Gold, rewards, and other content unlocks you earn on the PTR will not transfer over to the current version of the game when the PTR is closed.

What about The Butcher?

Sorry, the Butcher will not be available for play or purchase during this PTR phase, but you can still try out our newest Battleground, Battlefield of Eternity, along with a host of balance changes, and other improvements. The Butcher will be available on the live version of Heroes once the patch arrives on June 30.


We hope you’ll take a little time out of your regular Heroes play schedule to check out some of the Eternal Conflict content arriving to the PTR on June 23. Until then, we’ll see you in the Nexus!

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