Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Dorm: Epic 8 Highlights

Heroes of the Dorm: Epic 8 Highlights

Our Epic 8 Heroes of the Dorm teams, hailing from universities across North America, battled it out during their matches over the weekend, and the competition to reach the final stages of bracket play was fierce! Just 4 teams remained as the dust settled, and they’ll certainly be training hard prior to the Grand Finals event coming up this Sunday, April 26.

In case you missed any of the live Epic 8 broadcast at WatchESPN, we’ve got you covered. Get caught up on Saturday’s frenzied matches by checking out the highlight videos below.

If that’s not enough to sate your appetite, we’ve got every nail-biting moment from the Epic 8 available to watch on demand through ESPN3 and YouTube.

The Epic 8 marked the last round before the Grand Finals kick off live on Sunday, April 26, where our Heroic 4 teams will travel to the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California to fight for the Heroes of the Dorm crown. Students from more than 400 schools across North America have bashed and brawled their way through the brackets—and with hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition and other prizes on the line, it’s sure to be exciting event.

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