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Upcoming Mount Changes for the In-Game Shop

Upcoming Mount Changes for the In-Game Shop

Update: We'd like to remind everyone that time is running out to purchase the Cyber and Dire Wolf Mounts before they are temporarily removed from the in-game Shop with our next patch. If you were planning to purchase one of these Mounts, you may wish to do so very soon.

If you haven’t had the chance to pick up the Dire Wolf or Cyber Wolf Mounts just yet, you may wish to do so soon, because they will be leaving the Heroes of the Storm in-game Shop with the arrival of our next Closed Beta patch. If you already own the Dire Wolf or Cyber Wolf, don’t worry -- You’ll still be able to ride them into glorious combat just as you always have!  Additionally, the Golden Cyber Wolf Mount will still be available through purchase of the Battle Bundle Pack or the Founder’s Pack.

If you’re looking to add even more diversity to your Mount collection, you may be happy to know that the Magic Carpet and Lunar Tiger Mounts will be returning to the Heroes Shop with our next patch! As mentioned in some of our previous posts, these Mounts will be available for purchase as individual items so that you can ride in style during your adventures in the Nexus.

Once again, if you’ve recently been eyeing the Dire Wolf or Cyber Wolf Mounts, be sure to act quickly before they are removed from the Shop in the coming weeks. We’ll have another reminder shortly before the patch, so keep an eye on the official Heroes website for more information, as well as additional announcements about our next patch.

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