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Celebrate Carnival and Mardi Gras with Harlequin Nazeebo

Celebrate Carnival and Mardi Gras with Harlequin Nazeebo

Carnival and Mardi Gras holiday festivities are jam-packed with music, parades, floats, and excitement! To help celebrate, we're releasing a festive new skin: Harlequin Nazeebo!

This chequered trickster is available now, so you too can take center stage with your ensemble of merry minions. You can take a closer look at this colorful menagerie in the turn-around video below:

New Skin and Bundle

The following items are available now in the Heroes Shop!

New Skins

  • Harlequin Nazeebo Skin -- $9.99 USD

Harlequin Nazeebo Bundle

Join in the festivities with a brand new Bundle Pack! Check out the limited-time Bundle listed below, and be sure to pick it up before it's removed from the Shop at a later date.

Harlequin Nazeebo Bundle -- Now $14.98 USD

  • Harlequin Nazeebo Skin
  • Nazeebo

Whether you’re celebrating Mardi Gras, Carnival, or just another Tuesday, let us know what you think of Harlequin Nazeebo and his minions in the comments below!

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