Heroes of the Storm

The Fan Art of ZHArDoom

The Fan Art of ZHArDoom

For those champions from Azeroth, It's not hard to find a cute bird named "Pepe" singing in your garrison all of the time. But have you ever imagined this little buddy flying into the world of Heroes of the Storm?

Artist "ZHArDoom (扎尔杜姆)" from the NGA fansite has envisioned what it would be like to bring Pepe to Nexus! We hope you enjoy his adorable fan creations, which include all thirty-three current Heroes in Heroes of the Storm. Which are your favorites?

Jaina Gazlowe Li Li Malfurion

Muradin E.T.C. Nova Rehgar

Raynor Sonya Tassadar Sgt. Hammer

Thrall Tyrande Tychus Uther

Valla Brightwing Murky Zagara

Zeratul Tyrael Falstad Nazeebo

Arthas Abathur Anub'arak Azmodan

Chen Kerrigan Illidan Diablo


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