Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Closed Beta Patch Notes -- January 13, 2015

Heroes Closed Beta Patch Notes -- January 13, 2015

Earlier today, we brought Heroes of the Storm offline for a period of extended maintenance today in order to kick off our Closed Beta testing phase, and bring you a brand new patch! The Technical Alpha testing phase has officially come to an end, and we’ve got a new Battleground, a new Hero, our first iteration for Ranked Play, and much, much more in store for you with today’s update. Check out the complete patch notes below, and welcome to the Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta!

Please welcome Thrall, our latest addition to the Heroes of the Storm roster!


New Portrait Rewards

  • Two new portraits have been added that will be awarded to players who accomplished the following during Technical Alpha testing:
    • Played one or more games during the Heroes Technical Alpha.
    • Reached Player Level 40 during the Heroes Technical Alpha
  • Two new portrait rewards have also been added for players who accomplish the above during the Closed Beta testing phase.
  • These portrait rewards are not available for use just yet, but will be added to qualifying players’ accounts very soon!

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New Battleground


Sky Temple, a brand new 3-lane Battleground, has been added to Heroes of the Storm and is now available for play in all game modes!

  • Temples at the center of each lane will activate after 90 seconds, and can be captured to fire devastating beams of energy at enemy Structures.
    • Beware! Once a Temple has been captured, its Guardians will rise and attempt to remove players by force. Defeat them to maintain control of an active Temple.
    • A Temple will cease firing shortly after all players have left its grounds, and can then be recaptured by either team. Be ready to fend off enemy players who seek to wrest control of the Temples for their own benefit.
  • One, two, or three Temples will activate at a time, and Temple activation will occur periodically throughout a game.
  • Temples will deactivate once their Ammunition is depleted.

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New Hero

Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, has entered the Nexus and is now available for play! Read on for a brief overview of his abilities, and then check out Thrall’s Hero Week blog for much more information on our new melee assassin.

  • Abilities
    • Chain Lightning (Q)
      • Blast 3 enemies with lightning.
    • Feral Spirit (W)
      • Releases a fiery wolf spirit to burn enemies and root Heroes.
    • Windfury (E)
      • Increases attack and movement speed.
  • Trait
    • Frostwolf Resilience
      • Casting Abilities on enemies grant charges that Heal you.
  • Heroic Abilities
    • Earthquake (R)
      • Persistently slows enemies in a massive area.
    • Sundering (R)
      • Sunder the earth in a line, damaging and stunning enemies in its path.

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User Interface


  • Versus Mode has been renamed to Quick Match.
  • All Daily Quests can now be completed in Practice Mode.

Hero League

  • Initial implementation for Hero League, the first Ranked Play mode in Heroes of the Storm, has been added to the game!
    • With Hero League, players will be able to queue up alone, or in a party of any size, for ranked, competitive matches against others of similar skill and party size.
    • In order to queue for Hero League, players must meet the following requirements:
      • Reach Level 30 or higher.
      • Own 10 or more Heroes (weekly free rotation Heroes do not count toward this requirement.)
  • Draft Mode
    • After finding a match, players will enter Draft Mode, in which teams will take turns picking the Heroes they’d like to use for the upcoming game.
    • Coin Toss
      • A coin toss will determine which team will pick first.
      • The team that wins the coin toss will be prompted to pick one Hero on the first turn, after which, teams will alternate picking two Heroes per turn until just one player remains on the team that lost the coin toss.
    • Hero Selection
      • Players may only choose from the pool of Heroes that they already own.
      • Each player will have 30 seconds to select a Hero during their turn. If no selection is made, a Hero will be locked in automatically.
      • Once locked in, a Hero can no longer be selected by any other player.
  • Points and Ranks
    • All Hero League players will be ranked individually, starting at Rank 50.
      • Win games to earn points that count toward promotion to the next rank, up to a maximum of Rank 1.
      • Losing games will result in a loss of points, and enough losses can cause demotion to the previous rank (though not below Rank 50.)
    • Players can view their own Rank and win/loss record at any time on the Hero League Play Screen.
  • Game Abandonment
    • A player that leaves an in-progress Hero League or Quick Match game will not be allowed to queue for Ranked Play until a new Quick Match game is completed.
    • Leaving a Hero League game during Draft Mode will result in a loss of 300 ranked points in addition to the above penalty, and all of that player’s party members at the time of Draft Mode abandonment will also receive these penalties.

Custom Games

  • The “Lobby Mode” dropdown found at the top-right corner of Custom Game lobbies has been enabled, and can now be used to switch between Hero Select formats:
    • Standard - Mirrors the same Hero Select format used in Quick Match games.
    • Draft Mode - Consists of two options:
      • Predetermined - Causes Hero Select to mirror the same Draft Mode format used for Hero League games.
      • First Come First Served (FCFS) - Utilizes a different Draft Mode format, which allows each team to freely decide the order in which its players will select their Heroes.

For a much more in-depth look at the features mentioned above, check out our recent Hero League and Draft Mode blog post. Furthermore, kindly keep in mind that today’s addition of Hero League and Draft Mode represent an early look at Ranked Play, and a number of improvements are planned for each of these features with future game updates. Feel free to share your thoughts on these features with us using the official feedback forums.

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  • New 3D art has been added for Stimpacks in the Heroes of the Storm Shop.


  • Healing Wells have received updated visual effects when activated by a player.
  • Siege Camp spawn animations have been updated.
  • Various assets have been optimized to help improve performance.

Heroes, Mounts, and Skins

  • Dance, victory, and taunt animations have been added to a number of Heroes.
  • Diablo has received facial animations.
  • Sgt. Hammer has received additional polish for a number of her animations.
  • Various portraits have received updated lighting and animations.
  • The following Heroes, Mounts, Skins, and Skin Variations have received visual improvements:
    • Chen’s Master Skin and its Variations
    • Jaina and Jaina’s base Skin Variations
    • Nazeebo’s base Skin Variations
    • Raynor’s base Skin Variations
    • Sgt. Hammer’s Master Skin and its Variations.
    • Stitches’ base Skin Variations
    • Tychus’ base Skin Variations
    • Countess Kerrigan’s Bat Mount
    • Countess Kerrigan while using Mounts other than her Bat
    • Cyberwolf Mount Variations
    • Golden Cyberwolf’s second Mount Variation has been made more distinct
  • Several Hero Skins have received brand new art for certain abilities, which match that Skin’s theme:
    • Az’guldan Azmodan -- Orb of Annihilation (Q)
    • Countess Kerrigan -- Impaling Blades (W) and Primal Grasp (E)
    • Cyb’arak Anub’arak -- Scarab Host (Trait) and Impale (Q)
    • Pajamathur Abathur -- Locust Strain (Trait), Symbiote (Q), and Cocoon Form
    • Skelethur Abathur -- Locust Strain (Trait), Symbiote (Q), and Cocoon Form
    • Spectre Nova -- Snipe (Q)
  • Several Hero Abilities have received updated visual effects:
    • Falstad’s updated Abilities and Tailwind Trait
    • Jaina’s Chilled debuff (visible to Jaina only)
    • Li Li’s updated Abilities
    • Raynor’s Basic Attack
  • The following Heroes have received new Ability icon art:
    • Abathur
    • Jaina
    • Nova
    • Sgt. Hammer
    • Sonya
    • Tyrael
  • A number of summoned units have received visual effects improvements:
    • Az’guldan Azmodan’s Demons
    • Jaina’s Water Elemental after learning the Wintermute Talent
    • Master Jaina’s Water Elemental
    • Nazeebo’s Ravenous Spirit (R) is now team-colored.
    • Zerglings spawned by Kerrigan’s Impaling Blades (W)
    • Roaches spawned by Zagara’s Infested Drop (E)
  • The following Skin Variations have had their order swapped:
    • Candy King Muradin’s brown and green Skin Variations.
    • Stitches’ pink and green Skin Variations.
    • Master Jaina’s pink and black Skin Variations.

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Weekly Sales

  • Weekly sales are coming to Nexus, starting with today’s patch.
    • Three items per week will be placed on sale.
    • Weekly Sales will start and end on Mondays at 2:30 p.m. PST.
      • At that time, items from the previous Weekly Sale will return to normal price, and three new items will become available at a discount.
    • Initially, Weekly Sales will take on one of two forms:
      • 1 Hero and 2 Hero Skins
      • 1 Hero, 1 Skin, 1 Mount
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Weekly Sale using the Battle.net application’s Heroes of the Storm tab, or by heading to the official Heroes forums.

Bundle Packs

  • The following Bundle Packs have been added to the Shop, and are available for a limited time:
    • Hellhammer Thrall Bundle
    • Luxoria Skin Bundle
    • Luxoria Complete Bundle
  • The following Bundle Packs have been removed from the Shop:
    • Altered Fates Skin Bundle
    • Altered Fates Complete Bundle
    • Winter Veil Jaina Bundle
    • Winter Veil Complete Bundle
  • Head here for more details on all of the Bundle Packs that are currently available for purchase in the Shop.


  • Thrall, Warchief of the Horde, has been added to the in-game Shop!


  • The Magic Carpet Mount has been added, and is available with purchase of the Luxoria Skin Bundle or Luxoria Complete Bundle.
    • Please note that the Magic Carpet Mount will eventually become available for purchase as an individual item with a future game update.
  • The Reign-deer Mount has been temporarily removed from the Shop.

Price Changes

  • Prices for Stitches have been reduced to $8.49 USD or 7,000 Gold


  • Thrall’s Master Skin has been added.
  • The following brand new Hero Skins have been added to the Shop:
    • Crypt King Tassadar
    • Desert Queen Zagara
    • Hellhammer Thrall
    • Luxorian Monkey Brightwing
  • The following Skins have been temporarily removed from the Shop:
    • Great-father Rehgar
    • Winter Veil Jaina

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Design and Gameplay


  • Cloak reveal duration increased from 2 to 3 Seconds

Hearthstone (B)

  • Can no longer be cast within the Altar of Storms

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  • Core
    • Damage versus Heroes increased by 20%
    • Abathur’s Symbiote and Tassadar’s Plasma Shield can once again be cast on the Core.
  • Towers
    • The amount of time that towers are disabled while regenerating ammunition has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
      • This was done to align with a previous change, in which the rate of tower ammo regeneration was reduced to 1 per 15 seconds. As such, towers will now come back online with 2 ammunition.


  • Grave Golem
    • Root
      • Grave Golems will no longer pause when casting Root.
      • Root will now be cast on ranged Minions.
      • Heroic units will remain the preferred targets.
    • Stomp
      • The post-cast delay on Stomp has been removed.
      • Stomp will now be cast when there are at least 2 Heroic units around the Grave Golem, or at least 3 Minions.
      • Stomp will not be cast unless the Grave Golem is already stationary.
      • Stomp now deals increased damage versus Minions.

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  • Level 20 Talents have been re-ordered in the Talent Select Pane for all Heroes so that Talents which modify Heroic Abilities are listed in the first and second slots.

Resurgence of the Storm

  • This Talent has been removed from the game.

Calldown: MULE

  • MULE intelligence has been increased! 
    • MULEs now prioritize repairing Structures over replenishing ammunition (if a building has ammunition, its ammunition will still be replenished while it is being repaired.)
    • MULEs will now prioritize Town Halls and Towers, then Gates and Moonwells, and then Walls.
  • If two Structures with equal priority are in range of the MULE’s placement, it will begin repairing the one it was dropped closer to.
  • After all Structures in range are healed, a MULE will then prioritize based on their need for ammunition.

Mercenary Lord

  • New functionality
    • Siege and Bruiser Mercenaries now deal 50% increased damage.
    • A player with the Mercenary Lord Talent must be within proximity of Siege and Bruiser Mercenaries in order for them to receive the damage bonus.

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Technical Designer John "Johnzee" Hodgson and the balance team posted their thoughts behind some of these changes in the Closed Beta Hero Feedback forum. Click here to read up on and discuss these changes.

            Assassin Specialist Support Warrior
             Falstad Abathur Li Li Chen 
             Illidan Azmodan Tassadar Muradin
             Jaina Gazlowe


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  • Abathur has received a major overhaul.
  • New Ability (R): Evolve Monstrosity
    • Turn an allied Minion or Locust into a Monstrosity for 60 seconds.
    • When enemy Minions near the Monstrosity die, it gains 4% Health and 4% Basic Attack damage, stacking up to 30 times.
    • Using Symbiote on the Monstrosity allows Abathur to control it, in addition to Symbiote’s normal benefits.
    • New Talent (Level 16): Volatile Mutation
      • Ultimate Evolution clones and Monstrosities deal damage to nearby enemies every 3 seconds, as well as when they die.
    • New Talent (Level 20): Evolution Complete
      • Increases the Monstrosity’s duration by 50%, and the Monstrosity gains the Ability to Deep Tunnel to any visible location every 30 seconds.
  • Locust Strain (Trait)
    • Eradicate Minions (Talent) removed
    • Combat Adaptation (Talent) removed
    • Assault Locust (Talent)
      • Explosion damage reduced from 60 (+12 per level) to 50 (+5 per level)
    • Survival Instincts (Talent)
      • In addition to the 30% bonus to Locust Health, Locusts now last an additional 10 seconds.
    • New Talent (Level 20): Locust Nest
      • Activate to create a nest that periodically spawns Locusts. Only one Locust Nest can be active at a time.
  • Symbiote (Q)
    • No longer has a timed duration.
    • Barbed Spines (Talent) removed
    • Pressurized Glands (Talent) moved from Level 4 to Level 1
    • Regenerative Microbes (Talent) moved from Level 7 to Level 1
    • New Talent (Level 4): Sustained Carapace
      • Increases the duration of Symbiote’s Carapace (E) by 50%, and allows it to persist after Symbiote ends.
    • New Talent (Level 4): Adrenal Overload
      • Symbiote’s host gains 25% increased Attack Speed.
    • New Talent (Level 7): Networked Carapace
      • Using Symbiote’s Carapace (E) on a Minion or Mercenary also applies Carapace to all nearby allied Minions and Mercenaries.
    • New Talent (Level 13): Soma Transference
      • Symbiote’s Spike Burst (W) heals the host per enemy Hero hit.
    • New Talent (Level 20): Hivemind
      • Casting Symbiote now creates an additional Symbiote on a nearby allied Hero. This Symbiote mimics the commands of the first. If the second host moves too far away, it is destroyed.
    • Needlespine (Talent)
      • Now increases Stab’s range and damage by 20%.
    • Stab (Q)
      • Damage reduced from 44 (+13 per level) to 44 (+9 per level)
  • Toxic Nest (W)
    • Prolific Dispersal (Talent) moved from Level 13 to Level 4
    • Ballistospores (Talent)
      • Now also increases Toxic Nest duration by 25%, in addition to granting unlimited placement range.
  • Ultimate Evolution (R)
    • Ultimate Evolution clones no longer inherit the host’s Heroic Ability.
    • Ultimate Evolution clones now provide a small amount of XP when they are killed.
    • Cooldown reduced from 120 to 80 Seconds
    • Evolution Master (Talent) removed
    • New Talent (Level 20): Evolutionary Link
      • As long as an Ultimate Evolution clone is alive, Ultimate Evolution’s original target gains a Shield equal to 20% of their maximum Health that refreshes every 5 seconds.





  • Globe of Annihilation (Q)
    • Cooldown increased from 8 to 10 Seconds
    • Scaling damage increased from 13 to 15 damage.
    • Taste for Blood (Talent)
      • Damage bonus per kill increased from 1 to 2
  • Demonic Invasion (R)
    • Demonic Grunts now have real Health, rather than Doubloon Chest-style Health.





  • Storm, Earth, Fire (R)
    • Now has a 1 second cast time, during which the Ability can be interrupted.





  • Falstad has received a major overhaul.
  • Thunderstorm (W), Aerial Blitzkrieg (R), and their supporting Talents have been removed.
  • Bolt of the Storm (Talent) removed
  • Rewind (Talent) removed
  • Stoneskin (Talent) removed
  • New Ability (W): Lightning Rod
    • Damages an enemy and deals additional damage over 4 seconds if Falstad remains within proximity of the target.
    • New Talent (Level 4): Charged Up
      • Lightning Rod strikes the target 2 additional times.
    • New Talent (Level 13): Thunderstrikes
      • Lightning Rod deals 15% more damage with each subsequent strike.
    • New Talent (Level 13): Static Shield
      • Gain a stacking Shield worth 5% of Falstad’s maximum Health after every Lightning Rod strike.  Lasts for 4 seconds.
  • New Ability (R): Mighty Gust
    • Pushes enemies away in a gust of wind, slowing them by 60%.  This slow decays over 3 seconds.
    • New Talent (Level 20): Wind Tunnel
      • Mighty Gust creates a wind tunnel for 4 seconds.  Enemies caught in the tunnel will be pushed back periodically over the duration.
  • Shock and Awe (R) has been renamed to Hinterland Blast.
    • Blast of Awe (Talent) has been renamed to Call of the Wildhammer.
  • Tailwind (Trait)
    • Gust of Wind (Talent) has been renamed to Aerie Gusts.
    • Aerie Gusts (Talent)
      • Reduces Tailwind’s activation time to 2 seconds and increases the Movement Speed bonus from 20% to 30%.
  • Flight (Z)
    • Fly Away! (Talent) removed
    • New Talent (Level 20): Epic Mount
      • Reduces Flight’s cooldown by 20 seconds, reduces the casting time by 0.5 seconds, and increases flying speed by 50%.
  • Hammerang (Q)
    • Stormhammer (Talent) removed
    • Wildhammer (Talent) removed
    • New Talent (Level 1): Power Throw
      • Increases Hammerang’s range by 40% and its slow duration by 25%.
    • New Talent (Level 7): Secret Weapon
      • Basic Attack damage increased by 80% while Hammerang is in flight
    • New Talent (Level 16): Hammer Time
      • Falstad’s first Basic Attack against a target slowed by Hammerang will now stun them for 0.75 seconds.
  • Barrel Roll (E)
    • Dog Fight (Talent) removed
    • New Talent (Level 4): Flow Rider
      • Reduces Barrel Roll’s cooldown by 35%
    • New Talent (Level 7): Free Roll
      • Removes Barrel Roll’s Mana cost





  • Robo-Goblin (R)
    • Is now a passive Heroic Ability that is always active.  Gazlowe is still able to mount after choosing this Heroic Ability.
    • Damage bonus reduced from 250% to 150%.





  • Metamorphosis (R)
    • Demonic Form (Talent)
      • No longer removes Illidan’s ability to mount, but also no longer provides bonus Movement Speed when out of combat
    • The tooltip does not accurately reflect this change in-game and will be corrected in a future patch.





  • Frost Bolt (Q)
    • Damage reduced from 50 (+16 per level) to 45 (+14 per level)
  • Cone of Cold (E)
    • Damage increased from 40 (+13 per level) to 50 (+17 per level)
  • Water Elemental (R)
    • Initial explosion damage increased from 50 (+6 per level) to 65 (+7 per level)
    • Basic Attack damage reduced from 65 (+6 per level) to 50 (+6 per level)





  • Ultralisk (R)
    • The Ultralisk can now be re-targeted using the “R” key.
    • Torrasque (Talent)
      • This talent has been reworked.  Duration and Health increases have been removed.
      • The Torrasque now morphs into an egg when it dies or expires.  If the egg is not killed within a short time, a new Torrasque is spawned.  This effect can only occur once.



Li Li


  • Li Li has received a major overhaul.
  • Protective Shield (Talent) removed
  • Envenom (Talent) removed
  • Stoneskin (Talent) removed
  • New Talent (Level 20): Kung Fu Hustle
    • Abilities recharge 3 times as fast when Fast Feet is active.
  • Basic Attack
    • Starting damage increased from 20 to 25
  • Fast Feet (Trait)
    • Movement speed bonus decreased from 15% to 10%
    • New Talent (Level 7): Shake It Off
      • Reduces the duration of the next Stun or Root by 75%. Can only trigger once every 15 seconds.
    • New Talent (Level 16): Safety Sprint
      • Increases Fast Feet’s Movement Speed bonus 10% to 20% while Li Li is under 50% Health.
  • Healing Brew (Q)
    • New Talent (Level 1): Pro Toss
      • Increases Healing Brew’s range by 30%
    • New Talent (Level 7): Pitch Perfect
      • After casting Healing Brew, its cost is reduced by 10 Mana for 6 seconds. This effect does not stack.
    • The Good Stuff (Talent) functionality has changed
      • Healing Brew now heals for an additional 30% over 6 seconds. Multiple heals extend the duration of this heal over time.
    • Two For One (Talent) functionality has changed
      • No longer increases Healing Brew’s Mana cost
      • Now increases Healing Brew’s cooldown from 3 to 4.5 seconds
    • Herbal Cleanse (Talent)
      • Movement Speed bonus duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds
    • Scaling heal decreased from 20 to 18
  • Cloud Serpent (W)
    • Cloud Serpent functionality has changed.
      • Cloud Serpent now automatically attacks nearby enemies.  Only 1 Cloud Serpent can be active on a Hero at a time.
    • Cost decreased from 40 to 30 Mana
    • Starting damage increased from 15 to 20
    • Timeless Creature (Talent) moved from Level 16 to Level 1
    • Lightning Serpent (Talent)
      • Damage dealt to targets after the first increased from 25% to 50%
      • Search range increased by 20%
    • New Talent (Level 4) : Mending Serpent
      • Cloud Serpent heals its host each time it attacks.
    • New Talent (Level 16): Serpent Sidekick
      • Li Li gains her own Cloud Serpent after casting Cloud Serpent on an ally.
  • Blinding Wind (E)
    • Number of Basic Attacks missed increased from 1 to 2
    • Cost decreased from 50 to 40 Mana
    • Starting damage decreased from 50 to 30
    • Scaling damage increased from 12 to 13 damage
    • Gale Force (Talent)
      • Damage bonus increased from 25% to 50%
    • Mass Vortex (Talent) moved from Level 1 to Level 4
    • Lingering Blind (Talent)
      • Increases the number of Basic Attacks missed from 2 to 3
    • New Talent (Level 13): Surging Winds
      • Li Li gains 5% Ability Power for 8 seconds per target hit by Blinding Wind. Additional enemies hit refresh the buff duration and further increase Ability Power. Stacks up to 4 times.
  • Jug of 1,000 Cups (R)
    • Cooldown increased from 60 to 70 seconds
    • Initial heal amount decreased from 35 to 20
    • Scaling heal increased from 4 to 6.5
  • Water Dragon (R)
    • Starting damage increased from 130 to 200
    • Scaling damage increased from 13 to 20
    • Slow amount increased from 40% to 70%





  • Second Wind (Trait)
    • Heal increased from 1% to 1.5%
    • Third Wind (Trait)
      • Heal increased from 1.5% to 2%
      • Critical heal decreased from 5% to 4%
  • Dwarf Toss (E)
    • Base range increased from 6 to 8
    • Dwarf Launch (Talent)
      • Bonus range and area decreased from 75 to 50%
  • Haymaker (R)
    • Mana cost reduced from 100 to 80
    • A cast bar has been added during the 0.5 second wind-up to make the cast more apparent.
    • Grand Slam (Talent)
      • Now also reduces the Mana cost of Haymaker from 80 to 40





  • Basic Attack
    • Anti-Armor Shells (Talent)
      • Damage and Attack Speed slow reduced from 300% to 250%
    • New Talent: Headshot (Level 13)
      • Reduces Ability cooldowns by 4 seconds after killing an enemy Hero
  • Cloak (Trait)
    • Advanced Cloaking (Talent)
      • Basic Ability cooldown regeneration removed
      • Nova now regenerates 2% Health per second while cloaked.
  • Pinning Shot (W)
    • Covert Ops (Talent) functionality has changed
      • Mana reduction component removed
      • Now increases Pinning Shot’s slow amount by 1% for every second Nova is cloaked, to a maximum of 50%.  This effect expires if Nova is decloaked for more than 1 second.
  • Holo Decoy (E)
    • Holo Clones no longer have collision.
    • Holo Clones now have movement AI as part of their base functionality.
    • Cast range increased by 25%
    • Digital Shrapnel (Talent) removed
      • Digital Shrapnel’s 2 second cooldown reduction has been added to the Remote Delivery Talent.
    • Double Fake (Talent)
      • The AI movement component of this Talent has been removed.





  • Oracle (Trait)
    • Now reveals all cloaked units, including Zagara’s Creep Tumors.





  • Minigun (Trait)
    • Tychus no longer has to wind-up his Minigun to attack. Instead, it now instantly attacks, beginning at a slow rate of fire, and increases to its previous maximum speed after 1.5 seconds.





  • Creep Tumor (Trait)
    • Zagara can now see the duration remaining on her Creep Tumors.
    • Endless Creep (Talent)
      • Creep spread speed increase removed
      • Creep spread area increased from 25% to 50%
      • Now also doubles Creep Tumor Health
  • Infested Drop (E)
    • Bile Drop (Talent)
      • Now deals the 100% bonus damage on impact, rather than damaging over time.
    • Corpse Feeders (Talent)
      • No longer increases Roachling duration
      • Now decreases the damage that non-Heroic units deal to Roachlings by 30%
  • Devouring Maw (R)
    • Tyrant Maw (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction from this talent is no longer dependent on Zagara killing a Hero inside of Devouring Maw.  This is now a passive bonus.  Anytime Zagara is credited with a Hero takedown, Devouring Maw’s cooldown is reduced by 25 seconds.


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed several issues that could cause Abilities to not fire appropriately while holding down the right mouse button to move with Quick Cast enabled.
  • Fixed an issue which caused exceptionally bright lighting to appear on certain Heroes while watching a Replay.
  • Corrected several typos and tooltip errors across multiple aspects of the game.


  • Fixed a slight animation pop that could occur while Tyrande was riding the Battle Beast Mount.


  • Catapult Minions no longer deal half their intended damage, and once again deal area of effect damage around their target.
  • The Burning Rage Talent no longer deals double damage to towers affected by the Raven Lord’s Curse on the Cursed Hollow Battleground.
  • Brightwing’s Phase Shift can no longer target the Dragon Statue while it is capturable on the Dragon Shire Battleground.
  • Fixed an issue in which summoned Grave Golems on the Haunted Mines dealt significantly more damage to Heroes than expected.
  • Muradin’s Haymaker will no longer knock enemies out of the playable area in the Haunted Mines.
  • Neutral Garden Terrors will no longer drop regeneration globes inside of walls.
  • Summoned Grave Golems on the Haunted Mines now properly ignore summoned units.

Heroes and Talents

  • Abathur’s Symbiote is no longer visible when near the edge of the Fog of War.
  • Casting Abathur’s Ultimate Evolution on a target affected by the Garden Terror’s Spore Queen’s Curse no longer causes a plant model to persist on the clone.
  • Arthas Ghouls no longer instantly die to Anub’arak’s Web Blast
  • Glow effects for Arthas’ Frostmourne Hungers no longer visually persist through polymorph-type abilities. 
  • Bolt of the Storm and Zeratul’s Blink can no longer be cast while rooted.
  • Chen’s Storm, Earth, Fire Spirits no longer become unable to cast Abilities if Triple Attack is used to jump into the enemy Altar of Storms.
  • E.T.C.’s Mosh Pit now properly reveals Cloaked Heroes.
  • Visual effects for E.T.C.’s Guitar Solo are no longer visible through the Fog of War.
  • Gazlowe’s Deth Lazor should now properly freeze enemy Structures and Minions after learning the EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper Talent.
  • Fixed an issue in which Illidan’s The Hunt could cause unexpected behavior with Zeratul’s Cloak.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Illidan to fly out of the playable area when casting the Hunt and then shift-queuing Dive into Zeratul’s Void Prison.
  • Heroes that activate the Ice Block Talent can no longer queue Abilities until Ice Block has expired. 
  • Kerrigan’s Assimilation Trait now appropriately grants Shields for damage dealt by her Psionic Pulse Talent.
  • Li Li’s Cloud Serpent will now attack mounted Heroes.
  • Li Li’s Timeless Creature Talent no longer allows two Cloud Serpents to be present simultaneously on the same target.
  • A range indicator is now displayed when hovering the mouse over Malfurion’s Innervate Ability icon.
  • Fixed an issue in which Muradin’s starting Health regeneration was much higher than intended.
  • Muradin’s Haymaker targeting arrow will no longer persist on the target, nor display through the Fog of War, if Muradin is killed before Haymaker can be cast.
  • Nova’s Holo Decoy will now appropriately use Basic Attacks even if it does not have enough Mana to cast Abilities when it is spawned.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies that could occur with Raynor’s Penetrating Round after learning Talents that modify its damage.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Rehgar to briefly pause before his first Basic Attack after casting Feral Lunge.
  • The cooldown for Rehgar’s Ancestral Healing is now appropriately reduced to 10 seconds if the Ability is cancelled.
  • Rehgar will no longer exit Ghost Wolf form when activating the Farsight Talent.
  • A Stitches that Gorges a hero and then becomes affected by Zagara’s Devouring Maw will now continue to hold onto the Gorge target until Devouring Maw expires.
  • Stitches’ Hook will no longer become visually stuck to targets that cannot be pulled.
  • Fixed an issue which caused summoned units to deal half damage to Heroes with the Superiority Talent.
  • The duration bar for Tassadar’s Archon will no longer remain visible on the death screen if Tassadar is killed while transforming into his Archon form.
  • Casting Tassadar’s Dimensional Shift immediately after being struck by Tyrande’s Sentinel will no longer cause the revealed indicator to persist on Tassadar until his next death.
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Tychus could be immediately killed upon exiting the Odin after entering it at full Health. 
  • Corrected a tooltip which incorrectly indicated that Tychus’ Drakken Laser Drill was only dealing half its actual damage.
  • If Tyrael’s Judgment is cancelled prior to reaching the target, he will now continue to fly toward the target’s previous location rather than drop into unpathable terrain.
  • Casting Tyrande’s Sentinel now displays an appropriate minimap icon after learning the Ranger Talent.
  • The visual effects for Valla’s Manticore Talent will no longer persist on Tassadar during Dimensional Shift.


  • Illidan’s Metamorphosis voiceover is no longer globally audible. 
  • The First Blood announcer voiceover is no longer played for each Murky death while watching a Replay.
  • Grave Golem attack sounds are no longer audible through the Fog of War.
  • Selecting Sgt. Hammer’s Hyper-Cooling Engines Talent while she is dead will no longer cause the associated sound effects to play before respawning.
  • Voiceover indicating that a Garden Terror is spawning will no longer default to English when another language setting is selected.

User Interface

  • Damage dealt by Jaina's Blizzard is now appropriately tracked on the Tab Score Screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause excess UI elements to appear upon returning to game menus after playing with a Hero that cannot use Mounts.
  • A party member that cancels the matchmaking queue just as the countdown begins will no longer cause the bottom navigation bar to disappear for remaining party members.
  • The Hero Level progress bar on endgame Summary Screens now more accurately reflects the amount of XP required when very near level-up. 
  • Bringing up the Radial Ping Menu on the minimap will no longer cause the minimap to stop functioning.

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