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In Development: Master Skins

A few months ago, we shared a sneak peek at a new series of hero skins we’re currently developing, and throughout the coming weeks we will be sharing videos of some of these Master Skins, which represent a further exciting evolution of each hero’s base skins! You can find out more details about how to obtain them in our Progression System and Reward Changes blog.

Throughout the coming weeks you can feast your eyes on a series of videos which showcase the current state of some of these exciting new skins!

First up from the Warcraft universe is Arthas, Falstad, Li Li, and Stitches!

Next up from the StarCraft universe is Abathur, Kerrigan, Tassadar, and Zagara!

From the Diablo universe, introducing the Master Skins for Diablo, Sonya, and Valla!

From the Warcraft universe, introducing the Master Skins for Illidan, Tyrande, Uther, and Muradin!

Next, we have a sneek peek at the Master Skins for Zeratul, Tyrael, Tychus, Raynor, Brightwing, and Nova!

Today we're sharing a first look at the upcoming Master Skins for Nazeebo, Gazlowe, Sgt. Hammer, Chen, and Murky!

More Master Skins are still under development, so make sure to check back for updates, and let us know what you think about the Master Skins we recently premiered for other WarcraftStarCraft and Diablo heroes.

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