Heroes of the Storm

Developer Insights Live: First look at the next patch

We'll be revisiting the Nexus for our sixth Q&A session with the Heroes of the Storm development team where we’ll talk about a number of changes coming in the next Technical Alpha patch!



Join us at Twitch.tv/BlizzHeroes on Tuesday, July 22 at 11:00 a.m. PDT to learn more about a brand new Hero, new Battleground, and a look at the updated Progression System. After this portion of the show, the following members of the Heroes development team will be answering a variety of questions submitted on Twitter/Facebook:

  • Dustin Browder, Game Director
  • Matt Cooper, Game Designer
  • Josh “Rokcet” Rester-Zodrow, Heroes Community Manager

We’d love to hear your questions related to Heroes of the Storm, so be sure to tweet your inquiries to @BlizzHeroes using #HeroesQA right away!

Stay tuned, after the show, for a shoutcasted match with Kevin Knocke and Matt Cooper showing off the newest Hero and Battleground. We’ll see you there!

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