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Changes for Masters Qualifiers, Ladder, and More

The changes detailed here will be implemented starting October 1!
Sep 5

Twitch Drops for Grandmasters and Playoffs!

Link your account and watch the stream to get packs--it’s that simple!
Sep 3

Party up for the Tombs of Terror at a Fireside Gathering!

Host a Fireside Gathering or join one near you to celebrate the launch of the Tombs of Terror Solo Adventure!
Aug 28

Onward… to Uldum!

It’s up to you to assist Elise in gathering the other explorers lost in the deserts of Uldum!
Aug 26

Hearthstone Update – August 26 – Card Balance Updates

To make for a better ladder experience for Hearthstone players in this new expansion, we’ve decided to make some card adjustments.
Aug 22

Team Genji Making a Splash

Fielding a 6-man roster, Team Genji is seeking regional domination in Hearthstone Masters.
Aug 22

Upcoming Card Balance Changes – August 26, 2019

We’ll be making card changes in an update scheduled for August 26 to make for a better ladder experience for Hearthstone players. Read inside for details.
Aug 18

A Champion is Crowned in Seoul

Over 300 competitors participated, only one remains at the end of it all!
Aug 17

Masters Tour Seoul: Time for Top 8

The final day of Masters Tour Seoul will take place on stage at OGN Stadium.
Aug 16

Masters Tour Seoul: Powerful Priests and Puzzle Boxes

What's in the box?!
Aug 14

Surrender on Zephrys the Great and Masters Tour Seoul Meta

A legend from Asia-Pacific gives his predictions for this weekend’s US $500,000 tournament.
Aug 12

Masters Tour Seoul Viewer’s Guide

Everything you need to know as the Hearthstone Masters Tour heads to South Korea.
Aug 8

Twitch Drops Enabled: Masters Tour Seoul

Typing !drop in chat does nothing, we promise.
Aug 7

The New Superstars of Chinese Hearthstone

VKLiooon and TG.YrShar are set to represent China at Masters Tour Seoul.
Aug 6

Saviors of Uldum – Now Live!

The League of Explorers has arrived to put an end to the perilous plagues and pernicious plans set in motion by Arch-Villain Rafaam and his band of nefarious ne’er-do-wells. Saviors of Uldum is now live!
Inside Blizzard
Aug 2

The Blizzard Museum - Hearthstone 5-year Anniversary Update

The tavern Irvine museum has reopened! Pull up a chair and check out all the new art, props, and developer insights that celebrate Hearthstone's fifth anniversary.
Aug 2

Uldum Inn-vitational – Monday, August 5, 2019

The League of E.V.I.L. and the League of Explorers have gathered content creators and esports competitors from all over the world in a head-to-head battle for the sake of Uldum. You won’t want to miss it!
Aug 1

Hearthstone Update – August 1 – Saviors of Uldum

The cards are revealed, the League of Explorers has arrived, and the time has come to thwart Arch-Villain Rafaam’s calamitous crew in Hearthstone’s newest expansion, Saviors of Uldum, launching August 6!
Aug 1

Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal Recap, Final Week

The League of Explorers is just over the next dune! Check out our final card recap blog before the expansion launches next week.
Jul 30

A Remixed Format and More for Grandmasters

Grandmasters Season 2 patch notes are here!
Jul 29

Saviors of Uldum Livestream Events!

Get info on upcoming livestream events that include your favorite content creators!
Jul 26

Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal Recap, Week 3

Dig into another round of cards we’ve revealed for the upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion.
Jul 22

Top Hearthstone Players – June 2019

The final results for Hearthstone Ranked Standard play in June 2019 are in!
Jul 19

Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal Recap, Week 2

Catch up on which cards we’ve revealed for the upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion.
Jul 17

The League of Explorers Needs You to Join a Pre-Release Event!

The League of Explorers needs you! Get a head start on saving Uldum by hosting or attending a pre-release event!
Jul 15

Grandmasters Season 1 Playoffs Sends Three to Global Finals

Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas have all crowned a winner for the inaugural season.