Whizbang’s Workshop is NOW LIVE

Whizbang’s Workshop is NOW LIVE

Jump into a world of fun! Whizbang’s Workshop is now live with 145 new collectible cards, throwback characters, the new Miniaturize keyword, a customizable Zilliax, and more! 

What’s Included: Splendiferous Whizbang 

Whizbang himself is here to welcome you to his wonderful workshop! He’s brought new experimental decks for you to try—giving you something exciting to play each game. How splendiferous! 

What’s Included: New Keyword – Miniaturize 

Some of Whizbang’s toys come with their own fun-sized versions. Cards with the Miniaturize keyword give a 1-Cost 1/1 Mini version of themselves when played. Play your Minis at the perfect time for a cheap burst of power! 

What’s Included: Throwback Characters and Mechanics 

Whizbang’s Workshop is a celebration of 10 years of Hearthstone! Whizbang pays homage to Hearthstone’s history by bringing back iconic mechanics and new twists on classic characters. Play with your old favorites all over again! 

What’s Included: Zilliax Deluxe 3000 

And, finally, perhaps the greatest invention yet: Zilliax Deluxe 3000! If you can’t find just the card you need, you can always build it yourself. While building your deck, choose from eight Modules—combine their costs, stats, and effects to customize your card. Then, pick a cosmetic finish to make it your very own! 

Earn More with a New Tavern Pass 

Earn more of what Whizbang has to offer with the new Whizbang’s Workshop Tavern Pass, featuring a toychest full of fun new cosmetic rewards, cards, XP Boosts, and more. Check out the Rewards Track Refresh blog for more details, and grab your Tavern Pass today! 

Whizbang’s Workshop is now live, and it’s time to play! Check out the Card Library for all the Whizbang’s Workshop card reveals, and check the 29.0 Patch Notes for more about everything in this patch.

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