Buddies are Coming Back!

Buddies are Coming Back!

In Patch 29.6, Buddies are returning to Battlegrounds including their debut in Battlegrounds Duos!

What’s a Buddy?

Buddies are powerful minions assigned to each Hero. Every Buddy is unique to a particular Hero Power and doesn’t appear in the general minion pool. Throughout the match, you can get copies of your Buddy to add to your Warband and help you win the fight.

Making Friends is Easy

Just like last time Buddies were around, each hero will have a Buddy Button that you can press to get their Buddy. The Buddy Button has an initial cost based on the Tavern Tier of your Buddy, which then goes down by 3 Gold each time you win or tie a combat, or 2 Gold each time you lose a combat.

Your Buddy Button can be pressed twice per game. Pressing the button resets the Cost (and slightly increases it). The first time you press the button, you get one copy of your Buddy; the second time, you get two. Finally, since this is the first time we’ve had Buddies in Duos, we’re temporarily adding 10 seconds to all turn-timers in Duos while you get acquainted.


New Buddies

It’s been a while since we last saw our Buddies. Now there are 12 all-new Buddies to meet!

Cap’n Hoggarr – Shining Sailor [Tier 5, Pirate]

  • 3/6. After you buy a Pirate, gain +1/+1 and add a Pirate to the Tavern.


Inge, the Iron Hymn – Solem Serenader [Tier 3, Undead]

  • 4/3. After you use your Hero Power on a minion, it gains half this minion’s Attack. (Swaps to Health next turn!)


Rock Master Voone – Akali, Rock Rhino [Tier 4, Beast]

  • 5/5. At the end of every 2 turns, get a plain copy of the left-most card in your hand.


Thorim, Stormlord – Veranus, Stormlord’s Mount [Tier 3, Dragon]

  • 6/3. At the end of your turn, transform the minion to the left of this into one from a tier higher (up to Tier 7!)


Snake Eyes – Box Cars [Tier 4, Mech]

  • 6/6. At the start of your turn, roll a 6-sided die. Discover a Tavern spell of that Tier.


Doctor Holli’dae - The Nine Frogs [Tier 5, Beast]

  • 9/9. After you buy a minion, get a random Tavern spell of the same Tier. (9 left!)


Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher – Reliquary Attendant [Tier 4, Elemental]

  • 7/4. Once per turn, after you cast a Tavern spell, get a new copy of it.


Nameless One – Faceless One [Tier 4]

  • 1/1. Battlecry: Get the Buddy of your teammate’s Hero Power.


Cho – Halfus the Mighty [Tier 4]

  • 5/5. At the start of your turn, Discover a minion of your Tier. (50% chance to Pass it!)


Gall – Halfus the Wise [Tier 4]

  • 5/5. At the start of your turn, Discover a Tavern spell of your Tier. (50% chance to Pass it!)


Madam Goya – Mister Chu [Tier 4]

  • 5/6. Once per turn, after you Pass a minion, get a plain copy of it.


Flobbidinous Floop – Glorious Gloopling [Tier 5]

  • 5/1. At the start of your turn, get a plain copy of your teammate’s highest-Tier minion (except Buddies).


Updated Buddies

In addition to new Buddies, we’ve also made updates to several of our old friends.

Overlord Saurfang – Dranosh Saurfang [Tier 4]

  • 2/2. After you buy a minion, gain its stats.


Ragnaros the Firelord – Lucifron [Tier 5]

  • 6/5. Your end of turn effects trigger an extra time.


Aranna Starseeker – Sklibb, Demon Hunter [Tier 3]

  • 4/4. After you buy a card, your next Refresh costs (0).


Alexstrasza – Vaelastrasz [Tier 3, Dragon]

  • 4/4. Battlecry and Start of Combat: Give your other minions +2/+2.


Zephrys – Phyresz [Tier 4, Elemental]

  • 3/3. Battlecry: Discover a plain copy of a different minion that you have exactly one of.
  • Dev Comment: This is primarily a text update for clarity, but there have also been some small functional updates. Phyresz does not count itself or Zilliax modules, but it does now count Golden minions.


A.F. Kay – Snack Vendor [Tier 3]

  • 5/4. At the end of your turn, give your Tier 3 minions +1/+2.


Death Speaker Blackthorn – Death's Head Sage [Tier 5, Undead/Quilboar]

  • 3/6. After you get a Blood Gem, get an extra one.


Queen Azshara – Imperial Defender [Tier 4, Naga]

  • 2/4. Whenever you cast a Spellcraft spell on a different friendly minion, you also cast it on this.


Sire Denathrius – Shady Aristocrat [Tier 3]

  • 3/3. When you sell this, Discover a Quest. Complete it to get an 8-Gold Coin Pouch.


Teron Gorefiend – Shadowy Construct [Tier 5, Undead]

  • 5/5. Deathrattle: Give this minion’s maximum stats stats to another friendly minion.


Queen Wagtoggle – Elder Taggawag [Tier 4]

  • 4/4. Start of Combat: If you control 4 minions with different types, gain your minions’ highest Attack and Health.


Shudderwock – Muckslinger [Tier 5]

  • 5/5. Battlecry: Get a random Battlecry minion.


Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End – Acolyte of Yogg-Saron [Tier 4, Murloc]

  • 5/4. At the start of every turn, spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.
  • Some of the Wheel of Yogg-Saron results were also updated:
    • Mindflayer Goggles: Cast 4 random Tavern spells.
    • Rod of Roasting: Cast ‘Pyrobuff’ randomly to give minions +10/+10 until one hits your bartender or hero.
    • Curse of Flesh: Two friendly minions gain the stats of two other random friendly minions.


Dancin’ Deryl – Asher the Haberdasher [Tier 4]

  • 2/2. After you sell a minion, gain a +1/+1 hat that passes to a friendly minion when sold.


Ysera – Valithria Dreamwalker [Tier 4, Dragon]

  • 6/4. Whenever a Dragon enters your warband or the Tavern, gain +1/+1.


Malygos – Nexus Lord [Tier 4]

  • 6/6. ‘Arcane Alteration’ replaces with a card from one Tier higher.


Lord Barov – Barov's Apprentice [Tier 4]

  • 5/4. After you play a Coin, gain 1 Gold.
  • Dev Comment: This has been updated to include Tavern Coins.


Rakanishu – Lantern Tender [Tier 4]

  • 5/3. At the end of your turn, get 2 ‘Lantern Lights’ that give a minion stats equal to your Tier.


Tickatus – Ticket Collector [Tier 5]

  • 6/6. When you sell this, Discover a Darkmoon Prize from the next Tier.
  • Dev Comment: This is just a wording update for clarity, no functionality change.


Vol’jin - Master Gadrin [Tier 5]

  • 6/5. Minions targeted by “Spirit Swap” also gain each other’s Health.


Lich Baz’hial - Unearthed Underling [Tier 3, Undead]

  • 3/3. Whenever your hero takes damage, rewind it and gain stats equal to that amount.


Deathwing – Sinestra [Tier 4, Dragon]

  • 2/6. Whenever a friendly minion gains Attack during combat, give it +1 Health permanently.


Greybough – Wandering Treant [Tier 4]

  • 2/5. Whenever a friendly Taunt minion is attacked, give your minions +1 Attack permanently.



Bud wait, there’s more! In addition to all the Buddy updates, we’re also making updates to existing heroes and minions across both game modes.

Hero Pool Updates

  • E.T.C. Band Manager has been returned to the Hero Pool.
  • The Curator is banned in Demon lobbies.
    • Dev Comment: This change is because minions summoned by Cultist S’Thara will now resummon with Venomous if they had it before they died, making it easily abuseable with The Curator.

Hero Updates

Alexstrasza – Queen of Dragons

  • [Passive] At the start of your turn, Discover a Dragon. (Unlocks at Tier 4).

Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher – Reliquary Research

  • [Passive] Every fourth Tavern Spell you buy costs (0).

Rakanishu – Tavern Lighting

  • [1 Gold] Get a ‘Lantern Light’ that gives a minion stats equal to your Tier.

Minion Pool Updates

  • The following minions will be removed from the minion pool: Augmented Laborer, Bazaar Dealer, Deadstomper, Faceless Disciple, Gem Smuggler, Goldshell Warden, Heedless Hoarder, Long John Copper, Reef Explorer, Timecap’n Hooktail, Vengeful Slitherer, and Winged Chimera.
  • The following minions will be returning to the minion pool: Poetic Pen Pal, Imposing Percussionist, and Silent Swimmer.

New Minions

Barrens Brawler [Tier 3]

  • 2/6. Battlecry: Get a random Deathrattle minion.


Barrens Conjurer [Tier 5]

  • 6/2. Deathrattle: Get a random Battlecry minion.


Arid Atrocity [Tier 6, All]

  • 7/7. Deathrattle: Summon a 7/7 Golem. Give it +7/+7 for each friendly minion type that died this combat.


Prime Mate [Tier 4, Beast/Pirate]

  • 2/8. After a friendly Deathrattle minion dies, gain 1 Gold next turn.


Ghoul-acabra [Tier 6, Undead/Beast]

  • 2/11. Whenever you trigger a Deathrattle, give your minions +2/+2 permanently.


‘Loc Prince [Tier 4, Murloc]

  • 2/2. Whenever this gains stats, add +2/+2 to that amount (wherever this is).


Fairy Gillmother [Tier 4, Murloc]

  • 1/5. At the end of your turn, get a random Murloc.


Crow’s Nest Sentry [Tier 3, Pirate]

  • 5/2. Battlecry: Give your other Pirates +3 Health.


Clunker Junker [Tier 4, Mech]

  • 3/4. Battlecry: Choose a friendly Mech. Discover a Mech to Magnetize to it.


Three Lil’ Quilboar [Tier 5, Quilboar]

  • 3/3. Deathrattle: Play three Blood Gems on your Quilboar.


Jumping Jack (Duos Only) [Tier 3, All]

  • 3/4. The first time this is sold, Pass it instead.


Minion Updates

King Bagurgle [Tier 5, Murloc]

  • 6/3. Battlecry: Give your other Murlocs +3/+3.


Imposing Percussionist [Tier 4, Demon]

  • 4/4. Battlecry: Discover a Demon. Deal damage to your hero equal to its Tier.



All these updates are coming to Battlegrounds in Patch 29.6. Look out for date announcements and more, soon. Your Buddies have been waiting for you—we'll see you in the Tavern!


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