Twist is NOW LIVE!

Twist is NOW LIVE!

Twist is Now Live!

Today is the first day of the first official season of Hearthstone’s newest Mode, Twist! Twist is a Hearthstone ladder Mode with regularly rotating season, each with a twist on the rules or eligible card pool. With constant shifts and new card combinations, fresh challenges await each Twist season!

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can learn more about the Twist mode in our official Twist Announcement Blog.

Launch Season Format: Wonders

Jump into Twist and see what Wonders await you in this first season, featuring an all-new format: Wonders! Wonders is a fun, throwback format celebrating the early years of Hearthstone. The card pool features Legacy through Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, plus the new Caverns of Time set. That means the legal sets will be:

  • Legacy (not Core or Classic)
  • Curse of Naxxramas
  • Goblins vs Gnomes
  • Blackrock Mountain
  • The Grand Tournament
  • The League of Explorers
  • Whispers of the Old Gods
  • One Night in Karazhan
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Caverns of Time

Additionally, there will be no Demon Hunter or Death Knight classes in this season of Twist, as they didn’t exist during the Wonders era. Caverns of Time is the new direct-to-Wild set specifically designed with Wild and Twist in mind, featuring both reprints and entirely new cards.  

We’re excited to announce that Caverns of Time will be in the Twist rotation for at least the first three Twist seasons! We’ll have more to share about future Twist seasons closer to when they go live. You can learn all about the new set in our dedicated Caverns of Time blog.

Fight with your Favorites

The Wonders format is home to some of Hearthstone’s most iconic cards, some of which still see play in Wild today and some of which have been waiting for their chance to re-live their glory days this Twist season.

Will you devote yourself to the Old God, C’Thun, or will you partner with the League of Explorers to take the world back from evil? Set up powerful turns with Emperor Thaurissan or stop your opponent dead in their tracks with Loatheb? Curve out with aggressive Pirates or build an army of bigger and bigger Jade Golems?!

Now you can find out what Wonders await!

Jump Right into Battle

If you’re a newer Hearthstone player, or the type of player who doesn’t hold onto many older cards, you can still join in the fun this Twist season! The in-game Shop is offering a collection of Battle-Ready Decks for you to take into Twist or Wild, featuring both returning cards and new Caverns of Time cards. There are individual complete Battle-Ready Decks (offered for in-game Gold or money); new Battle-Ready Bundles, offering three complete Battle-Ready Decks for a reduced price (Runestones or money); and new Lite Battle-Ready Decks that are just as competitive, but at a lower dust value and price (Gold or money).

With all these options, you can pick whatever weapon’s best for you to jump right into battle! Whether you’re a long-time Hearthstone player or this is your first time playing with these early-Hearthstone cards, we’ll be seeing you in the Tavern.

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