Festival of Legends is NOW LIVE!

Festival of Legends is NOW LIVE!

Mic check, 1, 2. It’s showtime! Festival of Legends is now live with 145 new collectible cards, the new Finale keyword, Legendary musicians and songs, instrument weapons, Harmonic spells, Soloists, and more! 

What’s Included: New Keyword—Finale  

Every musician knows the most important part of their set is the grand Finale. Cards with Finale get a special effect if playing them spends all your remaining mana. Make sure you plan out your turns ahead of time to make sure you end on your Finale!

SHAMAN_ETC_369_enUS_ChillVibes-92325_NORMAL.png  DEATHKNIGHT_F_ETC_209_enUS_HardcoreCultist-97528_NORMAL.png

What’s Included: Legendary Musicians and Songs 

Each class in Festival of Legends is bringing a different musical genre, including a Legendary minion representing their star musician and a Legendary spell representing their musician’s most popular hit song. Pick your favorite artist and take their song all the way up the charts! 


What’s Included: Instrument Weapons 

Grab your axe and shred! Each class has a special instrument of destruction and music. Some of these weapons have Deathrattle effects that improve while the weapon is in play. Pump them up as the music swells for a big burst when the beat drops! 


What’s Included: Harmonic Spells 

Music is all about timing. Harmonic spells have two modes: Harmonic and Dissonant. The numbers on them swap each turn while they’re in your hand, so you can play the version that works better for a particular turn! Will you keep the tempo or play to your own beat? 


What’s Included: Soloist Minions 

Some minions crave the spotlight! Soloist minions are minions that have powerful Battlecries that only trigger if they’re the only minion you control. Clear the stage and watch them shine! 


That’s one jam-packed show! Check out the 26.0 Patch Notes and the official Card Library for more information about Festival of Legends and everything else that’s in this patch!

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