Battlegrounds Season 2 Preview Event

Battlegrounds Season 2 Preview Event

Join your favorite content creators as they embark on a quest to discover the magic coming in Battlegrounds Season 2. Join 40 players from around the world as they preview the new Battlegrounds content, including the new Quests mechanic and the new Magic of Azeroth themed cosmetics!

You can watch from your favorite creator’s perspective at the following times and places to watch:

NA (August 25, 10am-3pm PT) 


LATAM (August 25, 10am-3pm PT)


EMEA (August 25, 10am-3pm PT) (5pm-10pm GMT)


JP (August 25, 8pm- August 26, 1am PT) (12pm-5pm KST)


KR (August 26, 2am-7am PT) (6pm-11pm KST)


You can learn more about Battlegrounds Season 2 in the 24.2 Patch Notes, the Quest Preview Blog, and the 24.2 Announcement Blog. Then don’t forget to tune in and see what these players can make of the new Season content!

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